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  • ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Takes Over Egypt


    Last week, we brought you news – and a video – of our friends over at Cairo 360 pouring buckets of water and ice over their smart, little heads. It was of course all in good fun as part of the global charity drive, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, which they donated a tidy sum to.

    Ten comrades from the Cairo 360, Media Republic and Event Republic teams took time out of their supposedly busy schedules to help raise money for the ALS Association, which works tirelessly to raise money and spread awareness for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis – aka Lou Gehrig’s disease.

    In the process, they set the challenge onto a few of their friends – namely Cairo Jazz Club’s Alex Rizk and Taimour Hosni, Karim Khalifa of Digital Republic and matriarch of MO4, Amy Mowafi.

    Never ones to back down, the guys obliged…

    Amy ‘Superwoman’ Mowafi was first up, with a little help from ‘The Boy’, who looked like he enjoyed soaking his baby-mama a little more than he probably should have…

    Karim Khalifa took things up a notch with a GoPro camera, though we’re a little disappointed that more of the Digital Republic team didn’t take part. But their time will come…mwuhahaha.

    Next up, Alex and Taimour of CJC stepped up to the plate and when Taimour was actually able to get his words out (Cairo 3-sexty?), they took it like champs.

    The CJC boys then sent out the challenge to a few familiar faces – step forward the Boogie Monster, DJ Ramy, who took a huge risk with those short-shorts. Nice legs, though.

    Naturally, pseudo-celebrities across Egypt and beyond have taken on the challenge too, with the crown jewel of tacky-Egyptian-chic, Fifi Abdou, and the epitome of cheap cult celebrity, Haifa Wehbe, being particularly rib-tickling.

    Take head boys and girls – you never know when a sadistic friend might challenge you out of the blue. Just make sure you make a donation. For more on the ALS Association, visit http://www.alsa.org/donate/.