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  • Alia Mahdy Strikes Back !!!


    remember a few month back or something, some egyptian girl posted naked pictures of herself on her blog ! well she is back AND NOW SHE IS DEDCIATED A NAKED PICTURE TO MORSI !!!!!!

    she posed infront of the embassy … in STOCKHOLM !

    I have mixed feelings about this, on one side i always said what would wake up egypt is a NUDE PROTEST in the middle of Tahrir ! it would be like a big slap on the face of the conservatives ! In the same time though… i feel its not the right time, as the ikhwan are going to label us liberal with people like her. they are going to use her as an example and say oh look thats what the liberals want, they want to walk naked, they are kafara !

    AT FIRST I THOUGHT THE PICTURE BELOW WAS FAKE … so i went to her blog …

    and this is what i found it was indeeed on her bLOG ! 

    But wait appearantly there is more to it !