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  • Alia AbdelRahman (Lous) 7 Essentials


    Alia abdelrahman, also known as Lou, a culinary master, who now is the resident chef in Amici zamalek.  The one behind the new yummy menu, has revealed to us her 7 most essentials items  to her ! and we love her !

    1- My spices are the most essential cause i cook everywhere anywhere and its my therapeutic outlet and my job.

    2- My scarfs I always wear a scarf it is an extension of my personality.

    3- My laptop cause I watch movies and listen to music.

    4- My lighter cause I hate not having a light and asking people for a light,

    5- My phone to communicate with my friends and take photos,

    6- My watch cause I like knowing what time it is.

    7-  Gum because I like to keep it Minty fresh all the time

    and lou gave us also one bonus essential item ;)

    ” I don’t go anywhere without my cherry Chapstick as well! “