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  • Alexandrines vs. Cairines


    The Age old question what is the different between Alexandrines & Cairines. Well I asked a few people that question on who do they think is better, and why but before I get into their answers, I would like to share my point of view.

    Alexandria is a smaller city, everyone knows everyone. Cairo is a mega city with population of 22 Million by Day and 18 Million by night, each district is its own city for example Zamalek is a city, Heliopolis is  a city and so is Maadi. So due to the Nature of the two different cities, you would find the Alexandrines more tight together, they are like a brotherhood or one big happy family stuck together, they sometimes hate on each other as any family, but at the end of the day love each-other always.  Cairines on the other hand, that sense of family in my opinion is lacked, like you have a group of friends who go with each other to school  and those are a family, but thats about the whole city lacks a fabric. Also due to the small nature of Alexandria, you would find its people with more Morals and ethics, not out of anything other than fear, if they do anything wrong it would be found immediately.

    Anyway that is just my personal opinion here is what others had to say

    Kittie loves Alexandrians!! if Kittie were Egyptian, she would want to be Alexandrian.. something about the Mediterranean blood.. they’re effortless, straight-forward, easy-going, dependable and tied to their roots at the same time.. Although something Cairiens are unique for in the world, is their sense of humor.. i think it’s unbeatable! – Kittie Mc Paw

    Alexandrians are cool by nature…imagine yourself being next to a beach on daily basis since you were born…that’s literally your life ..and even though I can understand when they say it’s a bit boring that they are limited in what their city has to offer and the social scene and all but I think this somehow gave them an extra excitement and appreciation of any place or party happening in cairo…so they are always fun to be around!! Plus and I have experienced this first hand they are definitely party people ..the Greek factor and it’s remaining generation formed a very different and close community ( think Christina agamy , in winter, Tijuana karaoke Sundays where they gather and sing their hearts out) they definitely are fun.  - Sherif Nour E Din - TV Presenter at NTN

    “Alexandrians are better cause their women are more beautiful than carines” *bark bark* - Dawggie Mc Whoof

    If Alexandrians treat you as if you’re one of their own you will never find more solid dependable friends,but if you start off on the wrong foot you are in for one hell of a ride. cairienes on the other hand, well they can’t be classified sky is the limit on both ends of the spectrum. – Ismail F Kassem  owner Adam Doner Grill & founder of back 2 basics

    Cairines are better cause we don’t say a7eyh, or tala3at or nazalat or sharabt or 3al 2emma!  - Hassan Gabr CEO of kato prestige cosmetics

    So what about you what do you see as the difference between the people? Who do you think is better?  and why