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  • Al Masry 7 essentials


    Today, we dedicate our essential not to a specific person but to every masry ! what is this revolution about … what were the demands when it started ( عيش حرية وعادلة إجتمعية  ) but thats not only it … so here are the 7 essentials of the Masry !

    1- Bread: symbol of food, its funny how we Egypt use to be an exporter of wheat, now import wheat, its funny how bread the most basic egyptian food’s price has hiked up dramatically, which is why BREAD symbolises our revolution. our need to eat.

    2- Freedom: a normal egyptian wants to be free to walk down the street with out being arrested with no cause ( which by the way  with the  new constitution they can detain you for 12 hours without cause), me personally… i want to be free do what i want, where i want …. no i think we want to be able to walk down with out being judged, without some one how dare you not cover your hair, how dare you not wants below el knees

    3- Social Justice: my first reaction is what the fuck is social justice.. so i got wikipedia

    “A socially just society is based on the principles of equality and solidarity, understands and values human rights, and recognizes the dignity of every human being. ”  …. يا حلوتك يا ويكيبيديا

    4- Freedom of religion: … i mean isnt this self explanatory … yet its the most important one. As a masry we dont want religion to be used as cause for dividing our country, i dont want religion to be used as a cause to call me a kafr or to manipulate the people..   my religion is between me and god… and no one else

    5- FREE MEDIA: Media should say what they want as long as they are not breaking any laws. In iran revolution, what helped them turn into what it is now, is because they shut down the only one newspaper that was opposition… if they shut down our media, they shut down our voices. … why do you think Abo Ismail is camping out at media city, because he is smart.. he knows if he cuts down the media, he will cut down the spark that lights up our flame, he will cut out source of information !!!

    6- Employment: this is probably one of the most important thing this revolution started on, ya3ni when you find a graduate from Cairo University from department of law working as a Taxi, how is that fair ? we have one of the highest unemployment and rate and its increasing ever more.  The government should set a plan to CREATE REAL jobs that are needed

    7-TRUST: for me this is really important ! we need government transparency  we need a government that would stop manipulating us, not a government that use us to reach their agenda, for example morsi to say oh … i will do taxes then cancel taxes… its a ploy to play with the people emotions.. there is no transparency  when he said he will cancel it, he lied because he cant, because those taxes go in effect in june 2013 due to IMF loan regulations.