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  • Ain’t it Funny ? Aint it Grand ?

    while i am a gossip column, i will start off first with with the rumor mill,

    rumor has it that thursday O-BAR will finally see the light … and Amr Hosny will shine in some tunage he has been researching for months, and event republic will dance like monkeys on top of the fairmont’s o-bar, but as i said … rumor has it !!

    now this post is not about a party ironically… its about CG Followers, with fishie taking the piss at you !! yes i said i am taking the piss at you … even though i love you. As you cairogossip main domain, is PARTYING … i mean that whats fishie and kittie know how to do after all. But due to the current nature of our country i have been criticized a lot for not covering politics on the scene and for aiding and abiding in spreading political empathy just to benefit the big entertainment industry giants. So i started taking a bit of a political approach, where maybe once or twice a week i post something political on this same blog you are reading, or even in my newsletter.

    Now funny thing is this thing called reports :) what does it do, it shows you statistics of how many people visit your site read an article, etc just like Facebook likes :) anyway so here is the funny ironic thing, you would think with the high demand on politics, that my non-informed political posts would get hits ? you would think when you send a newsletter to 170 people  that at least one of the people on it will click on the political posts … maybe even show interest in knowing whats going… i mean it just makes sense doesn’t it  ?

    well below are just extracts of the report on the newsletter that was sent…. now look at how many people clicked on valentine related stuff and parties … and how many clicked on politics

    Big fat zero clicked on politics !!!!! but lets be honest it might not be all them it might be i am just shit at writing political statements … but at least you would get 1 percent tayeb 3 percent that are interested in reading it to see if i am good or bad at it …

    So yes i find it ironic that people complain and whine about me not doing enough political activism or whatever then when i do … they don’t care …

    anyway peeps i still love you … but  as i said i am party monster… and this thursday rumor has it o-bar is opening !!!