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  • Ahmed Mansour Essentials !

    Ahmed mansour, is one of you .. you see him all around, but did you know that He found Creative/Branding agency called BAM. He started his career in promoseven, then went on to excel his studies in Miami Ad School in 2008, then finally before Starting BAM he was in JWT.
    BAM is the company  who came up with the Command P notebooks, did the branding for foul tank and Cairokee among many others!!!  and well today Mansour the founder of BAM…  shares with us his 7 essentials
    1- Notebook: This is where you should try to trap the ideas before they fly.
    2- Wallet: The +ve about it is the cash, the -ve are the credit cards.
    3- Espresso: Keeps you moving.
    4- Keys: bike: gives adrenaline, car: listen to music, chill out and sometimes it could be fun. Home: rest, family and peace. Office: work which leads to (number 2) 
    5-Time: waste money and you will loose money. Waste time then you lost part of your life.
    6- Workout: Where I try to release my -ve energy, and fight time (number 5) by staying young.
    7- iPhone(gameboy cover) I believe this is the most essential of all because number 1 to 4 can fit here yea even espresso :)  It also saves you time and maybe one day can help you work out by projecting a hollow gram sandbag for instance. But I’m not from the generation who lost interaction with humans because of smartphones.

    Check BAMs latest branding for Matloub Ra2ees for CairoKee

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