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  • Accessorize yourself this summer

    Niyala Braclets

    First thing, Ramez ya Youssef …. amazing video about being original… and what better way to be original than following the latest fashion trends in egypt! i mean this is really how to be IN yet also be original ! so here is fishie guide to being all that original

    1- Nialya Bracelets

    now these are the hottest bracelets to come out this summer, everyone from Paris, Kanye and Little Wayne are wearing them  and now they are in Egypt , check out their facebook page



    Niyala Braclets

    Niyala Bracelets


    these are homegrown idea … and i believe the idea of Fahd El Gammal, they were bags designed to hold Camera’s Flash, but turned into this hip funky bags, that cairo trust me on this will be IN thing this season, already the bags are being sold in Beymen & Amuse

    follow on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/myflashbag

    Flash Funk

    3. Xtress Hats

    so now that you have hands done, your bags done, what about your head ! oh yea… well for that XTRESS HATS has just landed in Egypt and they are pretty much FUNKY also



    4- Sunglasses

    This year wooden sunglasses are coming in !!! i am not revealing the brand yet, but they are coming in … but i did see the designs from the importer, he showed them to me in Tamarai (you got to love meeting people in tamarai and talking business ;) ) and well they are actually hot designs,