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  • A Week A Year Ago

    Before i start what happened this week, I want to share with you a video by http://www.elgomhoreya.tv/ 

    Now, I remember this week last year as if it was yesterday. I remember that there was a Cirque Du Soir event in The Terrace organized on Friday the 28th; however that day went into history as FRIDAY OF ANGER instead. I remember that Thursday the 27th we went out to Tamarai and it was half full because people heard of what happened on the 25th and decided to stay in. I remember that after that night in Tamarai, for some reason, my friends and I decided to crash at the house of one of our friends. The six of us woke up in the morning on the 28th and were wondering why the hell our phones didn’t work. We knew however there was a protest going on and we were determined to join it.

    We were planning on it on going to the protest but we were confused like dizzy ducks because we had no BBMs, no phone, no sms, no whatsapp, no Facebook !!! We had no idea what to do!

    So we headed to the streets and we started going old school. We first wrote each other’s landline numbers down. Then we split up and decided to go knocking on our other friend’s houses that lived in zamalik as well, and get some stuff and set up a meeting point at Coffee Bean.

    We split up and re-grouped and somehow managed to meet some other friends and we became one big group at Coffee Bean zamalik.

    We made our way to 26th of July street in zamalik and tried to go up the 15th may bridge. We got tear gassed so we bought vinegar to wash our eyes, and we took pictures! (I mean whats the point if you went and you don’t have a picture to post as your profile picture later on) We went back home at sunset and watched the news. We were all in shock. Somehow at night time I remember we joked around saying things like; do you think the cirque du soir event is still on? (obviously not!!)

    We all know what happened then. A president got toppled; people sacrificed their life for us to get a new Egypt.  Regardless of how you think of it, things have changed. It changed either for better or for worse depending on your opinion about the Revolution. I am always a positive person, which is why I see the cup half full! Just like the elgomhoreya.tv video above … and then I remembered one of the most popular Facebook profile pictures that came up (when we had internet restored)

    So yeah, as you see from my story, it seems that I got into this in a very air headed way (still partying during the first three days revolution actually); however, it ended up with me being more politically aware and more politically active. And this goes for many people.

    What did you do this week last year? What are you planning on doing this year? (Leave comment below)