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  • A Vespa Valentine.


    Valentine is around the corner, and what better present can you give your partner than the ability to magically escape TRAFFIC. !! As Amici vespa people say

    ” The best perk you will get the chance to take off for a romantic ride through the city on a vespa like Audrey Hepburn on Roman Holiday ! Make it happen with a very interesting deal , 1 Red Amici Scooter is usually for 12,900 LE BUT for Valentines it will be for 13,900 LE , YES 1,000 LE more expensive than usual , Yet you shall get : An extremely high quality Italian LUC Helmet + 1 Free Cover + Free Delivery !!!! ”

    Contact on 0111-000-4278 or Visit the showroom @ 41 Hassan Assem, Zamalek.