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  • A Terrace Interview (May Ezz Eldin)

    The question on CairoGossip’s Mind is where is the Terrace,  I haven’t heard from them in a while, maybe because I am staying the zamalik bubble, but my 6th of October friends talk to me about it a lot…. So I went out and interviewed  with May Ezz Eldin, Managing Partner, and Business Development Director of the Terrace



    Where are you from the party scene in Egypt? After the opening we thought we’d be seeing more of those extravagant events? so the question is what your near future plans ?

    The Hospitality industry in Egypt is still taking baby steps, we still have a long way ahead before we can compare to London, Beirut or Dubai.

    And that is how we came up with the idea of THE TERRACE….when Mansour Heikal, one of Egypt’s youngest and upcoming hospitality entrepreneurs, found that Cairo is in need for a venue that brings elegance to elegance to the scene in Egypt, mainly offering West Cairo residents a place dine and dance in class, where they can invite their friend from downtown without being dragged to there under the claim that there is nothing to do in your area…..Be it catching out over drinks on weekends, a wrap party, night of dancing, a quiet niche for an intimate conversation, or a simple dinner for two….Hence THE TERRACE.

    We’ve invested in bringing one of the best chefs in the world, service staff who’ve worked for the best hotels in Egypt, namely Four Seasons, and one of the most famous interior Designers, The Italian designer Gueffredo, who’ve worked with the one and only May Elaraby (Owner of Petrona Frau & Elements, and one of the biggest names in the interior designing world) to come up with the design concept!

    We opted to wait until things calm down before we re-launch the night lounge, and you might hear good news soon….meanwhile we are seeing great success as a restaurant! We are the number one destination for West Cairo residents…and we measure it by the return rate of our patrons (in the restaurant business your regulars are your bread and butter! retain them and you’re there…MABROUK J!)

    So to answer your question; yes big parties are still part of our strategy! We’ll leave others try, but when we do, we promise we’re only going to blow you awayJ!


    Have you thought of expanding out of 6th of October? What are the plans for 2012? 

    For 2012, we’re launching the upstairs bar soon to offer our clients in this side of town a place to hang out on weekends, have drinks and enjoy nice music….SIMPLY YOU DON’T HAVE TO DRIVE TO TOWN & SPEND A FORTUNE TO HAVE FUN!

    While our regulars dinner will still get to enjoy their favorite dishes but with a new twist, as we’re launching a new menu soon!

    We’re also growing very fast in the catering business, I told you when it comes to food, we’re one of the best,….Did you know that we were behind some of the biggest events in 6 of October and Sheikh Zayed…We provide catering for events starting from 60 guests up to 1000 guests! We also host a lot of private functions, mainly for special occasions, and many of our corporate clients prefer to benefit from the exclusivity of the place….

    As for the expansion plans, The Terrace is one of the Sub brands of The Egyptian Australian Restaurants Company, and it’s the starting point for many projects to come….We want to grow The Terrace Cairo to be a regional franchise, and not only in Egypt.

    You’ve the face of an angel, but a lot of the people in the industry would think twice before they work with you?

    Hahaha…That is true! Listen, let’s face it, Ganz once said in an interview “this field is not a walk in the park as people would believe”! And I second him on that! Your life is not a party everyday! You are working against many variables, and mainly dealing with humans all the time, and Egyptians in particular, so the space for error…well,,,!

    I work long and crazy hours….and I’m very disciplined coming from a corporate environment….in other words cut-throat; working for the biggest private equity firm in the region and I’ve also worked on the agency’s side when I used to be the PR & Media Relations Director for TRACCS-Fleishmen Hillard (Largest PR firm in the world)!

    That intimidates a lot of people in the field, because they are not used to that, I know what I want and know how to get it, and never settle for less! But I’ve dealt with people like Amy Mowafi and her brothers and they are doing a terrific job! Also Sherry Killany and Sabrina Khalil are amazing, they are so dedicated and know how to think outside the box!

    I also think that the dream team of Event Republic are awesome (Wassim, Sebastian, Smiley & Alex)….if there was an award for best events manager; I’d give it to them!

    I’m friends with everyone, but when it comes to work….If you’re not fast, you’re food!

    Are you worried with the current situation, and Muslim brotherhood taking over parliament? Do you think it will affect the business?

    I believe that the MBs are much smarter than that! Tourism is core for the economy of this country, and I don’t believe they are going to touch it!  Not for the time being, they would settle for barking, and defending their values, the furthest they would go is pass on a law or two, but on the other hand have a very mellow monitoring (Like in a lot of cities in the GCC).

    Meanwhile, we’ll continue what we do best, and just hope they are as smart as we think they are!


    Where do you guys usually like hanging out at?

    Mansour really likes to hangout at The Terrace J! But we like to check out everything to see what other people are doing right, and how we can avoid their mistakes as well!

    But Mansour’s exposure to venues in London and Beirut made him very critical and demanding! So we both aim for perfection, and we tried to materialize this at THE TERRACE.

    My number one hang out place is La Bodega! And I go to Tamarai often! And here I want to give a shout out to Beltagy and Beks, they really know how to reinvent themselves, and they have the right mix of ambience, food, and music!


    What’s your favorite dish on your menu, and your favorite drink?

    Don’t get me started! If I wasn’t for my daily working out routine, I would only be shopping in plus size shops! But to me every bite is worth the calories, really!

    We’re famous for the Australian Steak, it’s a 250 grams steak cooked to perfection served with Camp fire potato chips sprinkled with truffle oil, parmesan crumbs, chopped parsley, creamed English spinach, and fried onions rings, beef jus-lie…Mouthgasmic!

    I also love our new breakfast menu; it’s a mix of our most popular brunch dishes and classic breakfast dishes cooked in an unorthodox way,

    and don’t forget our gourmet burger, you only get this quality in Europe! pure beef with caramelized sauce…..and home backed bun prepared by our bake *Love-Struck Face*

    I prefer cocktails over hard core drinks, and I’ve worked with our bartenders on a low-calories cocktails menu for the ladies who are very self-aware (Like myself) when it comes to what they pour in their drinking hole…!!

    The Terrace is a truly unique culinary experience! That we are proud of!