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  • A Story of Attempting to ‘Eyeliner’


    This is a story we ladies know all too well;
    a story of entering liquid liner hell.

    There are those of us who prefer a pencil; 
    but alas, they too are victims of peril.

    This is a story of attempting to ‘eyeliner’; 
    whether or not it’s a success depends on your primer. 


    You start off by planning which #linerlook to go with today. The decision usually reflects your mood. 


    And 90 minutes later…..


    So you think, ‘Ok, let’s pay homage to Amy Winehouse.’


    But end up looking like this guy…..


    And you decide to try again, but after the 6th time it feels like:


    So you consider just forgoing the eyeliner today. Then you remember you look like this without it:


    And you feel inferior because this cat’s no-makeup look is better than your fully made-up face.


    And you feel like an embarrassment to your ancestors, who pretty much invented eyeliner. 


    But we don’t all have professional makeup artists doing it for us like Elizabeth Taylor did, do we now. 


    Then again, there are those talented bitches that can do stuff like this: 


    You know nobody messes with this bitch.


    So you carry on, but deep down you’re [arms are] just so tired. 


    You finally arrive, and errybody asking why you so late, so you hit them with:


    Deep down, you know that…..



    Because ladies that are winging it, are ladies that are #killingit. 


    By Salma Thanatos Rizk