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  • A scooter for under 12.5K L.E.


    There is a new trend building up in the city, its called scooters. Scooters are traditionally like vespas, but the correct term to call them is scooters, since Vespa is an actual Italian brand manufactured by Piaggo. Anyway so we have now have in Egypt SAXXS Bikes, you must have seen it in or two Ramadan tents, as a sponsor.

    And they come at an affordable rate, so for example the AMICI scooter 12,900l.e  and the SX1 is for 9,900l.e and the madass is 14,500l.e !

    now the first thing is i did, i wanted to check on the bike, to get any info on it, so i searched SAXXS and all i got was pages from Egypt, but i did further research and ended up finding out that the brand is spelled SACHS and because to make it easier for us egyptians to know how to pronounce it has been called SAXXS to pronounces it right, as SACHS is a german brand.

    Where is SACHS made, where it is designed ?

    Well its German technology and designed, but just like the iPhone its manufactured in the mother of manufacturing countries. China.

    According http://www.sachsbikes.com.au/about_sachs_bikes.php here is a brief history of SACHS

    SACHS Fahrzeug – und Motorentechnik GmbH (Sachs) was founded by Carl Marschütz on April 5th, 1886 in Neumarkt Germany. From their humble beginnings with only 8 employees, Sachs quickly grew to become the world’s largest manufacturer of motorized bicycles. Throughout the history of the company, the Sachs Bikes portfolio has included motorcycles, scooters, mopeds, motor assisted bicycles, electric bicycles, ELO-Mini-Scooter, four-wheeled All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) and Mini-cars.

    As the oldest still producing two-wheel manufacturer worldwide, Sachs Bikes have built a unique tradition. As the years have passed by, technical competence and trend-setting mobility solutions have remained the key focus for the brand. Today Sachs Bikes is an internationally operating corporation with an annual turn-over of 40 millon Euro selling in excess of 30,000 units. With manufacturing plants in Europe and also Asia, the Sachs brand is now distributed worldwide and proudly distributed here in Australia by Mojo Motorcycles Pty Ltd.