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  • A night in Arkan! What is Arkan?


    Welcome to Arkan

    So i decided to divulge out of our zamalek comfort zone for a day and take a drive to 6th of october to meet up with friends, who live around that side of town. Where did they take me. Arkan! What is arkan? Well arkan is like a business park with cafes, restaurants and rumor has it even rooftop alcohol licenses.  Its sort of like a mini- Downtown Katemeya, with a strip of cafes that feel like as if you are in beirut, of 400Meters (this is my approximating it clould be more or less)

    It has all the great eateries. Think Crave. Think Carlos from Le Pacha (aka Le La Pacah West), Think Charwoods. Think Maison Thomas. Think Olive. Think Le Gormandes. Think a hell lot more. Hell they have a Lebanese resutrant named after the capitol of Valenzuela… Caracas.  and they have a Mohamed Sagheer for your hair’s food.

    As i was driving there, i was on the phone with Mr. Designer, and he was telling me also of an interesting rumor. Appearantly the guy who built Arkan, is selling 51 % percent of it, or at least that his business strategy, build something successful, then sell majority share to someone else and profit off the returns. Smart.

    Also apparently the next-door business park Gezira started construction before Arkan, and it could have been in operation now and taking all the glory Arkan is taking now, if it didnt keep delaying the project, and most business opening up in Arkan, as it delivered first.  { again just rumors }

    For me being a fan of West Cairo, i am liking Arkan ! and i am glad hang outs are opening more and more there before we move there.