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  • A mini interview W/ Sebastian Moros !

    AKA S.E.B

    AKA S.E.B

    Sebastian. or S.E.B. one of the boys of Event Republic gave me 3 minutes of his time { not five } ! for a mini-interview {even though he is a MAXI BOY <not referencing ”Always” different sizes here> in occasion of this Wednesday being the FINAL SUMMER IN THE CITY  }  …. <<—- did you just see that i just put three thoughts into one sentences so confusing to follow !!

    Anyway speaking of thoughts, did you know that S.E.B. does NOT drink! i find interesting, his only poison is Cranberry Juice  { damn he must be detoxed }

    So enough of S.E.B fluid intake and on to the interview !

    1. How do you feel about the last summer in the city of this year, considering that “in the city” series started with summer in the city ?

    I always get a bit emotional whenever we reach the end of an “In the City” season. You’ll often find me curled up in a ball every Wednesday, muttering to myself in withdrawal…. And now that we’ve done a full loop (from summer to summer)… well…

    2. When should we expect fall in the city to come back

    (starts twitching)…. I think this might actually be the last one of the year…. (eyes start tearing up)…. What I am going to do Cairo gossip?!?!! What?!?!?!

    3. What are your plans for the finale ? who is playing ?

    We’re going to finish off the season with a bang! We have some kids with legos playing…. Or is it girls with barbies? It has something to do with Toy Boys. Thankfully my therapist Amr Hosny will be there too.

     4. What’s your favorite event republic event to work on

    All of them! We have a blast at the office. There is never a dull moment… Thankfully we have a great team working with us. We’re like a dysfunctional little family.

    5. If summer in city, spring in the city and fall in the city were animals … what would each one be ?

    Err…. This question confuses me…. So in return I find it only just and fitting that my answer confuses you. And since a picture is worth a thousand words: here you go.

    S.e.b's answer... i am not sure what it is.. is it a chicken dancing ... is it a chicken crossing the street head movements HELP !

    6. Isn’t the year 4 seasons ? Why is there only 3 seasonal parties …. what about winter ? …..

    Winter? what is this winter you speak of? I believe you are referring to “the time when I sleep a lot because it is cold outside and I cannot go to the beach and swim in the waters” ??