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  • A Hot Huawei Summer: P8 Turns Heads in Sahel


    It’s been a big year for Huawei in Egypt, in the wake of the milestone release of one of the most popular, and just plain coolest, smartphones to hit these shores. We speak, of course, of the P8, which sold out within an hour of its official release at a special event at Virgin Megastore at Citystars in June, during which one lucky buyer went home with a new Fiat 500 Lounge.

    That was just the beginning of the shenanigans for the summer, though, with Huawei having hit the road and taken the party to the North Coast in the deep-end of Sahel Season for two consecutive weekends of fun in the sun – you might have seen the hashtag #P8GoesNorth.

    First up, was Marassi’s North Beach, which played host to a special Huawei P8 photo booth, where holidaymakers were invited to bring along their friends and take some weird and wacky photos with a host of kooky props. Later in the evenings, Huawei took over one of Sahel’s most frequented nightclubs, Tabla, where light painting was the name of the game, giving nightlife-lovers a chance to capture their Tabla clubbing moments in style.

    But beyond the colours, lights and salty sea breeze, Huawei perfectly demonstrated the impressive capabilities of the P8. With a 13MP rear camera and an 8MP front camera, the P8  has redefined how we take photos with our smartphones in 2015, boasting photo modes such as the aforementioned light painting, a nifty ‘Director Mode’ and, because we live in the age of self-satisfaction, ‘Perfect Selfie’.

    Certain names have come to dominate Egypt’s consumption of smartphone technology, but with the P8 might well be the one to introduce a new player to the game.