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  • A Guy to jump from Edge of Space


    So there is this guy called FELIX, and he is back by redbull i assume … the guy will go to the EDGE OF SPACE, also known as Stratosphere, which is 120,000 Feet above ground, i.e 36.8 Kilometers… and then he is going to JUMP !

    because of physics ( you know that thing we studied in high school) … well GRAVITY is going to make his speed break the speed of sound barrier!! HOT DAYUM !

    okay previously a guy did that but he only did it from 102,000 feet. So Felix will be breaking a record.

    Personally if i did that jump … i would probably die from a heart attack, but again i am just a fish.

    anyway so RED BULL MIDDLE east is doing a twitter competition that gives you the chance to win cool stuff from the Redbull Stratos store and here are the DETAILS


    If you’re living in Lebanon, Egypt, KSA, Kuwait, Bahrain, or UAE, then you don’t want to miss this!

    Follow @RedBullLeb or @RedBullEG or @RedBullUAE or @RedBullSaudi or @RedBullKuwait or @RedBullBahrain or @RedBullUAE to know how you could be a winner! :)

    Competition hashtags: #LiveJump, #GoFelix, and #Country you reside in

    The Mechanics:
    A picture is worth a thousand tweets.
    We invite you to express your support to Felix by sending your support message or picture to him.
    This can range from simply holding a sign delivering a supportive
    message and a thumbs up, to taking a picture in your own
    homemade space suit to show solidarity.
    The most creative tweets win merchandise from the Red Bull Stratos shop.”