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  • a BLEND[ed] interview

    get blended

    get blended

    So tonight blend opens !!! check out the what is blend !!


    and i got the chance to interview one of the people behind it !

    Is blend Egyptian furniture or imported ?

    Blend Primarily imports products from all around the world, yet we have very special interest in showcasing and displaying only the most promising young egyptian brands and designers,
    Why is Blend called blend ?

    its a blend of styles, blend of tastes, blend of product types, blend of moods, and simply because i believe when it comes to homes every one is looking for the perfect blend.

    What differentiates blends from any other furniture store ?
    big part of this question is up to the clients to discover throughout the display, and the shopping experience provided at our stores,

    p.s. can you tell where the PROP console table is displayed at currently ?