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  • 8 Types of People You Meet at Parties


    One day you wake up, contemplate the meaning of life, re-evaluate your friendships and relationships, your boring addiction to Trident/Halls/Mentos/Molto/Todo Brownies, and basically everything. However, you dare not think of what kind of person you are at parties, or how others see you because why should you care? Well, while we don’t believe you are sensitive to others’ judgments, you still go around observing others’ behaviors at parties. Hence, you might have come across some of the following types at parties.

    1) Angry Drunks


    Sometimes while doing some crazy-a** dance moves you feel someone violently shoving you, tipping your balance and making you fall in the arms of a stranger, who will become as angry. We don’t understand why on earth you would get drunk if you are going to be throwing such fits at everyone around you, getting yourself kicked out, humiliated, and punched in the face. Actually we do know. You sir are a jerk.

    2) Philosophical Drunks


    You know how when some people get high or drunk (or both), they roam the bars and clubs like they are Darwin? They know how everything happened, why, and when, or at least theorise about it with their limited knowledge

    3) Dancer


    There are those who stick to the basics, there are those who top it up with few sick moves, and there are those who are just terrible dancers. That said, whether you are drunk or not, your skills will show. If you are bad dancer, drinking won’t make you better. If you are a good dancer, drinking will give you the courage to get those moves out. If you are an awesome dancer, you need nothing but your moves BABAAAAY!

    4) Horns


    Whenever we think about this, we are sadly reminded of American Pie: a movie about a bunch of teenagers who want to lose their virginity under the influence in a party, whether their virginity means only a kiss or the full thing. Sadly enough, all the way to adulthood, these kind of horns still exist everywhere we go. Who are we to judge though, we are not watching, but everyone is. Get a room.

    5) Annoying Drunks and Pukers

    *Too much to put in a picture*


    Hey, can you taAAAAAKE MEEEEEE HOOOOOOOME? Or,*throws up* then “I think I am gonna throw up.” Yeah, you already did, all over me. Wanna have a second run bud?

    6) Drunk Weepers



    It is like you opened a fine bottle of drama, instead of a fine bottle of wine. Thanks for ruining the mood, my drink, and possibly the whole weekend.

    7) Nice Guys


    Weirdly enough, some introverts become really nice when they are drunk.  They will compliment you, ask you about your life, and more (they don’t normally do that). Or, they will do the extreme opposite, which is going all out.

    8) “I will dance” drunks


    At the beginning of the party, you have this friend who you invite for a dance. His reply is always, “I will get wasted, then I will dance.” Problem is, he never does.

    By Adel M. Fakhry