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  • 8 Reasons We Can’t Stay Away From Hacienda Bay


    We’re neck-deep in that thing they call ‘Sahel Season’, with Cairenes stealing every free moment they can get their hands on to break out of the capital and head to the North Coast. We’re old enough to remember a time when Sahel was still primarily a desert wasteland, but the last five years or so has seen new destinations emerge – and Hacienda Bay has been by far one of the most popular.

    This year, however, Hacienda Bay has stepped things up several notches and can rightly claim to be one of the biggest attractions on the North Coast – for eight simple reasons…

    -The Beach

    It speaks for itself. Hacienda Bay’s silky shores are amongst the most stunning along the North Coast. The perfect solution to your tanning, swimming and general frolicking needs, Hacienda Bay is every Instagram-er’s dream. Keep racking up those followers, amigo – you’ll be jet-setting, freebie-receiving ‘inf luencer’ in no time.

    -Sports & Fitness

    Just because you’re holidaying, it doesn’t mean you should slack off, right? We don’t quite subscribe to that particular mantra – we’re professional slackers – but Hacienda Bay scratches the itch of fitness-conscious beach-goers, with Train for Aim setting up shop on the beach for the summer. For something a little less intense, volleyball nets, bikes and beach tennis ensure you won’t ever be bored.


    Now we’re talking. Mankind has unlocked the secrets of the universe and continues to excel in the development of science and technology – and there’s so much more to come. But the human race has and will never top the achievement of creating something as genius as the hammock. Whoever at Hacienda bay came up with that in the brainstorming meeting – we salute you. Give that man a cookie.

    -Library Bar

    We don’t know about you, but the beach often has a hypnotic and almost sensual hold on me – you know you’re in trouble when your toes become completely sunken into the sand. From then on it’s an uphill struggle to establish any kind of motivation to exert physical energy and there’s no better way to compliment this naughty state of bliss than with Diwan’s Library Bar, which offers a range of books to borrow.

    -Kids’ Zone

    We have mixed feelings about the RC-run Kids’ Zone at Hacienda Bay, because we’re apparently “too old” and that the slides “aren’t made to fit a man of your size.” Hurt feelings aside, the Kids’ Zone offers a perfect place for your kids/younger siblings/your new husband’s 9 year-old boy from his first marriage to be in their element – swinging, sliding, playing and generally being adorably weird.

    -Lake Yard

    The month-long, pop-up carnival/bazaar/small city inside another city – kind of like Inception but coastal real estate instead of dreams – Lake Yard literally has it all; food, shopping and much more. Going on till the end of the month, you can’t miss the giant Lake Yard sign standing above the entrance to the colourful enclosure and with some of the most recognizable names in attendance, even Egy Puppy are getting in on the acts so that you can cater to your critters’ every need.


    We’re big fans of beach-tussled look, but Egyptians generally put a lot of effort into looking fly, so to speak. This is where popular beauty salon, Toi, comes in, offering ladies all the beauty and hair solutions they need after a day bathing in sand and salt water.


    One of Sahel’s most popular hangout spots, the frequented pool area at Hacienda Bay was revamped for summer 2015 into…*drumroll*…Bayside! A great place to chill by day, get naughty by night, Bayside is as versatile a venue as you’ll find on the North Coast, whether eating, drinking or both.

    For more information on Hacienda Bay , click here.