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  • 7 Ways to Get a Good Start in the Morning


    Have a hard time getting up in the morning? Bed so cozy it makes you re-think leaving it? Missing the motivation to start your day? You’re not alone.
    However, there are ways to beat that daytime dread. Here are seven of them: 


    Have Something to Look Forward To


    Happy mornings start the night before when you try this trick. Studies show that anticipation of something pleasant can make you happy. Think about the last time you were looking forward to a holiday, or even something seemingly minor, like a post-workout smoothie. 
    By giving yourself something to look forward to in the morning— perhaps a pre-prepared breakfast parfait —or even a plan to watch your favorite series after work/school, you’re giving yourself a reason to be happy (and justification for it). 

    Keep Calm and Carry On


    Now that you have something to look forward to putting you in a good mood, keep it that way.
    It’s imperative to start your morning off right, as studies indicate that your mood in the morning can affect your mood for the remainder of the day. If there’s something that makes you happy in the morning, like a piping hot mug of coffee or catching up on current events— do it! 
    Prone to stress? Think about what gives you a feeling of control and go with it; anything that increases your perception of control over a situation— whether it actually increases your control or not —can substantially decrease your stress level. This could be simply jotting tasks down on a notepad, so you can order them according to priority and save yourself from worrying about balancing back-to-back deadlines. 

    Breakfast, it Really is the most important Meal of the Day


    Skip skipping breakfast and eat something when you wake up! Having something [healthy] to eat in the morning gets your metabolism running and will hence give you more energy to deal with your first hurdle. According to WebMD, having a morning meal can also decrease your risk for developing diabetes, heart disease and obesity, as well as lower your cholesterol. 
    When you pass on that morning PB&J, you are starting the day on an empty tank and are likely to suffer for it energy-wise.
    In a rush? Even a yoghurt drink will do.  But make sure you have your breakfast first thing in the morning, and not after you’ve arrived at work/school— it makes a difference! 

    Do Something Daunting 


    Yes, you read that correctly. If you want to be happy all day, get a task that you are dreading out of the way early. That way, it’s not looming over you as time goes on, and you won’t have that nagging feeling that you need to get it over with. 
    People tend to have more willpower in the morning. Think about it; diets are usually broken with a post-lunch/dinner snack.
    So take advantage of that strong will before the day wears you out and you ‘just can’t’ do that troubling task. 

    Send a ‘Thank You’ Email/Text/Whatsapp Message


    Every morning send a friend, family member, co-worker, or perhaps someone you admire in general, an email thanking them for something. 
    According to Shawn Achor, a leading speaker on positive psychology, the act itself can flood your system with dopamine- the happiness hormone.
    It will also make the recipient happy, potentially strengthening your relationship. It’s a win-win!

    Give a Hug


    Speaking of strengthening relationships…  You probably give someone a hug when congratulating, consoling or greeting them, and don’t give it another thought, right? But did you know a good hug is the fastest way for you to get oxytocin— the ‘love’ hormone —flowing in your body? A hug can lower your blood pressure and cortisol (the ‘stress’ hormone), while simultaneously elevating your mood and helping you bond with others. 
    Don’t want your co-workers to think you’re a weirdo? Hug your pet before you leave in the morning.

    Prepare for the Worst 


    Ok, that may sound negative, however, asking yourself what could go wrong in that meeting or exam and how you would deal with it, can help you feel more ready. By going into something willy-nilly without a back-up plan, you are risking failure. Think pragmatically and prepare for what could go wrong; if it happens, it won’t be as bad as if you hadn’t seen it coming. 

    Try one or try them all— each is guaranteed to get you off to a good start. 


    By Salma Thanatos Rizk