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  • 6 Times Bassem Youssef Looked Totally Adorable at the International Emmys


    It’s been the talk of the town all week; Egypt’s own Bassem Youssef was appointed the role of host at the 43rd annual edition of the International Emmy Awards and, as expected, he handled the whole thing like a total boss.

    But while many have pointed to his passionate opening speech as the highlight of his appearance – and rightly so – personally, I was glad to see him being his adorable, goofy self alongside some pretty big Hollywood names

    1. Here he is pointing to his name, because who doesn’t like seeing their name on something? Adorable.


    2. Here he is shamelessly stealing the spotlight from his wife, as he debuts his preppy new haircut. Adorable.


    3. Here he is looking like a hotter stud than hot Turkish stud, Engin Akyürek. Adorable.


    4. Here he is being adorable with the adorable George Takei. Adorable.


    5. Here he his suddenly realising that introducing his wife to Michael Douglas might not have been the best idea. Adorable.


    6. Here he is being made to take a ‘sensible, adult’ photo to send to his in-laws back in Egypt. Super adorable.


    (Photos: Bassem Youssef/Instagram)

    By Kalam El Qahaira