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  • 6 Reasons Why Cairo Marathon Was March’s Hottest Event!



    Now, because we at Cairo Gossip do love to pump up the party, we often find ourselves in need to stay in shape; cardio, physical activity, and eating healthily ensures that we can dance and party the nights away without panting for breath. When speaking of cardio and physical exercise, we have to mention Cairo Runners: a locally grown organisation that coordinates and organises marathons and running competitions throughout Egypt. Cairo Runners want Egyptians to take to the streets of the capital, and all over Egypt, and run like there’s no tomorrow.

    With summer getting nearer, and our need to get back in shape closer still, CR organised a historic marathon which saw a large number of participants. Under the auspices of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, and with Mountain View being the marathon’s Platinum Sponsors, Egyptians ran the stress of the work week away on Friday, March 15th. We were lucky enough to witness this event, and let us tell you, it was awesome; the weather was beautiful, and the scenery was picturesque, to the extent that we felt that this event would aid in indirectly promoting our beautiful Egypt to potential tourists and travellers from around the globe!

    This, however, is not the only reason why the Cairo Marathon was March’s hottest event. Here are 6 more reasons:

    1.    As previously mentioned, the event was held under the Auspices of the Youth and Sports Ministry. This is the first time for the two to collaborate.

    2.    It is the first Cairo Marathon to be held in the forever busy and bustling Downtown Cairo.

    3.    Real-estate developer giant, Mountain View, was the event’s Platinum sponsor, promoting habits of healthy and happy lifestyles.




    4.    The event was not only about sports and being active; it was also for a good cause, with all ticket proceeds going to children with cancer at 57357 Hospital.

    5.    The core idea behind the event was to give access for everyone to run the streets of Cairo, and so the Marathon had a para run, thereby ensuring that individuals with disabilities could run to the finish line.

    6.    Finally, because March is the month when women are celebrated – with the 8th March marking International Women’s Day, the 16th of March marking Egyptian Women’s Day, and March 21st being Mother’s Day — we were more than proud to see an unprecedented amount of female runners. Moreover, the Marathon saw many mothers running alongside their loved ones. All in all, the marathon saw a whopping total of 3,000 female runners roaming the streets of Cairo safely and securely.