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  • 5minutes with Mansour Hassan

    with Valentine Hype and pressure building up  i had a chance to have a five minute interview with Mansour Hassan, some might call him the King of Brunch, others might call him James Bond, but for me at CG, the i think of MANS as the man do things right and keep it simple, the man behind Your Kind of Entertainment ( http://www.facebook.com/YKE.Egypt )

    So this Valentines, YKE and Risas ( http://www.facebook.com/RisasLounge ) are teaming up together, to give you Valentines Remixed as you probably repeatedly heard with DJ Shaggy… so here are the four questions i asked Mansour, before the party …

    Why did you choose Risas as a place for YKE Valentines party?

    I’m friends with the owners, and we talked before about doing an event together, as you know I love Nile view events and Risas is one of the prime Nile venues, and I guess it just happened that the first YKE+  Risas event to be on valentines day.

    What the concept behind Valentines REMIX’D?

    Well, to be honest you always see valentines done about couples, or singles, there is hardly a place for friends, so YKE & Risas wanted to mix it up a bit this year, and make it about friends, where whether you have a significant other, or just a group of friends you can just come celebrate all forms of love or freedom. We also wanted to make it affordable for the people,  especially if you are a couple who are going to go out for dinner before coming to Risas, that would probably cost them an arm and a leg, then with all the flowers, gifts, chocolates and valentine madness, so we wanted to make sure that people can just come and have fun, without worrying about needing to sell a kidney or a heart.. on this special day.

    What surprises you have for the event? Teasers?

    A magician never reveals his tricks!

    Two days to go to the events before how are the bookings?

    Actually, I am impressed with the bookings, usually we get out our bookings today before the event, but this time, I guess since its valentine people actually tried to plan ahead and not risk it! So yea in terms of bookings we are doing well, and all I can say there isn’t much tables left, maybe just a handful if not less