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  • 5 Lies You Feed Yourself During Ramadan


    Amidst rushing through Ramadan, we try to make plans then start to realize that they’re never going to happen. We keep lying to ourselves, and in the end, we know deep down inside it’s not true. It’s about time that we tell you that you’re not alone.

    “There’s still plenty of time” *5 minutes later* “It’s Fajr time”

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    You know after Iftar when you’re laying on the couch and your stomach is five meters before you? That’s normally when you’re waiting for the right mood to kick in. You tell yourself that you’re just going to rest for 15 minutes, then BAM, it’s over.

    “We have to meet sometime” 

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    This one never gets old. We all have that friend, or we could be that friend actually, who always makes plans with others that end up not happening. They could tell you they’re coming for sure. “Count me in,” they’d say. Then, they turn off their cell phones and go to bed for eternity.

    “I’m going to study after Iftar”

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    Studying is a catastrophe in Ramadan; we all know how hard it can be to focus on whatever you’re reading. Your memory is normally weak at that time and nothing seems to work. Yet, we all convince ourselves, as a part of the procrastination process, that we’re going to finish the whole book after Iftar. Well, we don’t.

    “I’m only going to take a bite”

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    Then you end up having five more plates, three cans of coke, and then leave room for dessert.

    “It’s the devil”

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    Wait, no, he’s chained in Ramadan, isn’t he? News flash, everyone, we’re bad in nature. We can’t blame it on Satan now sadly.

    So, what’s the lie that you keep telling yourself? Let us know in the comments. 


    By Yara Tarek



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