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  • 5 Irish Things That Egypt Needs


    St Patrick’s Day is almost upon us and what better time to celebrate the wonders of the Emerald Isle. Cairo, of course, needs little excuse to celebrate, well, anything. Here are 5 Irish things that Egypt needs right now.



    The famous Irish stout makes for a very tasty tipple but it’s also kind of good for you. A pint of Guinness contains a whole variety of nutrients including protein, carbohydrates, iron and all the B vitamins except B12. So you can indulge in an occasional pint of the black stuff without waking up feeling like death.

    The Leprechaun Museum


    Now while the Egyptian Museum is all very good, Ireland has a museum devoted entirely to the mischievous, mythical mini-mes known as leprechauns. These impish characters are known for their cheeky nature and pots of gold.

    Summer Rain


    This time of year, the weather in Egypt is pretty sweet. Fast forward a couple of months and we will all be spending our days hiding from the fiery sun in air conditioned hell. In Ireland however, the skies will be filled with the the Irish weather staple – rain.

    Irish Myths & Ghost Stories


    It might be all of that Guinness but Ireland has some pretty wild and wacky folklore. From shape changing seals and smart ass fish to demonic horses and the devil himself, the Emerald Isle is pretty out there when it comes to myths and legends.

    ‘The Craic’


    It’s very hard to define what exactly is meant by ‘The Craic’ but generally it means a specific type of friendliness and banter which is popular in Ireland. In honesty, it’s mostly a load of twinkly eyed nonsense designed to lure in tourists but sometimes (rarely) it can be kind of endearing and what not. 

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

    By Conor Sheils