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  • 46 Things You Thought Only You Did (aka You’re Not Unique, and We Can Prove It)


    We’re often told at a young age that we are unique (I’m looking at you, Barney the Dinosaur, corruptor of the youth), but are we really? I mean, how can you call yourself that while watching GoT along with a billion other fans….
    And it’s not just about what you like; it’s also the things you do. True or false: ‘I wet my toothbrush before putting on the toothpaste. Then I wet it again before brushing.’
    Yeah, we thought as much.
    Take a look at all the other little ‘idiosyncrasies’ you thought only you did:


    1. Setting the microwave to only even/odd numbers.


    And thinking that makes you OCD.

    2. Then opening it before the timer beeps.

    3. Cleaning the underside of your nails with your other nails.

    4. *Popping* your ears just to see if they needed popping.

    5. Pretending to text when you’re really taking a candid pic of something.

    6. Rehearsing conversations in your head.

    7. And then being genuinely disappointed when other people don’t follow the script irl.


    ‘Why you gotta be like that?’ 

    8. Smelling your clothes to test if you can get away with wearing them another day.

    9. Pressing Ctrl + C more than once, *just in case*.

    10. Pretending to hear what someone said because you’re too embarrassed to ask them to repeat themselves.  

    11. Opening the fridge to see if something new has magically appeared. Then doing the same damn thing 5 minutes later!

    12. Closing the fridge door really slowly so you can see what it looks like inside when the light goes off.

    13. Putting your headphones in and pretending to be listening to music so no one will talk to you.


    And then pretending not to hear if someone tries to.

    14. Talking to animals as if they were babies.

    15. Asking animals questions as if they could respond.

    16. Repeating those questions over and over again.

    17. Biting your lip and eating the flakes of skin that came off.

    18. Trying to rush through an open door before it closes.

    19. Walking into a room and forgetting why you’re there.


    And getting all existential about it, like ‘why /am/ I here?……’

    20. Squashing the buttons on the remote when it’s not working, and expecting that to fix it.

    21. Knocking on your phone/laptop/tablet/TV when it’s not working to *wake it up*.  

    22. Making ‘that’  noise when you stretch.

    23. Saying ‘elemeno-pee’ when reciting the L-M-N-O-P part of the alphabet.

    24. Trying to see if you can recite the alphabet in reverse (in your mind, of course).

    25. And failing miserably.


    ‘Does this make me less intelligent?….’

    26. Testing something you know is hot by touching the damn thing.

    27. Trying to go three steps at a time when walking upstairs.

    28. Being afraid your phone is going to fall when looking down from a great height.

    29. Peeking at your tissue after you’ve blown your nose, and being un/satisfied with the result.

    30. Peeking in the toilet bowl before you flush.

    31. Checking the time on your phone. Then immediately checking again because you weren’t paying attention the first time.


    ‘Wait, what?….’

    32. Deleting an entire sentence when you misspell one word.

    33. Forgetting how to type when someone is standing over you.

    34. Salvaging letters when you misspell something so when you write it correctly you don’t have to type them again.

    35. Saying ‘what?!’ when you heard them the first time.

    36. When writing “Wednesday,” thinking of it as ‘Wed-nes-day’.

    37. Also “beautiful” is ‘b-e-a-utiful’.


    Every damn time….

    38. And “February” is ‘Feb-ru-ary’.

    39. Acting out a gesture (looking at your phone/watch) when you’re walking down the street and suddenly remember something, so if anyone notices you turning back they’ll know it’s because you forgot something and are not just turning around for no reason like some sort of idiot.

    40. Thinking about how people would react if you suddenly died in a tragic event.

    41. Freezing for a second when you think a car is about to hit you.

    42. Looking both ways before you cross the street, then checking one way again.

    43. Sucking on the straw when a drink is finished just in case you can get a few more drops.

    44. Pouring a soda and trying to drink the layer of fizz before it dissipates. 


    Because, duh, that’s the best part. 

    45. Licking your finger so that the cookie/chipsy crumbs will stick to it so you can eat them.

    46. Wondering if anyone else can hear you chewing, but being too embarrassed to ask.


    And you thought it was only you that did that.
    How many did you relate to? Let us know in the comments!


    By Salma Thanatos Rizk