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  • 3ala Fein Ya Negm? Celebrities Pose as Uber Drivers in New Show


    If you’re a regular user of Uber, you may be in for a surprise over the coming weeks. No we’re not talking about the seemingly extortionate ‘peak rates’ – we’re over that – but about new show, 3ala Fein Ya Negm.

    With the first episode having been released today, the concept is pretty simple and goes as thus: a celebrity poses as an Uber driver and takes requests as normal, only for the passenger to be frozen in a giggly, slightly nervous surprise once they enter into the vehicle.

    The first celebrity to take on the role was singer Mahmoud El Esseily, who spent a day last week accepting requests, entertaining  passengers by  sharing stories, calling friends, singing with passengers and just generally goofing around and being cute.

    Tip your drivers, folks – even if they are famous. It’s just good karma. For more on Raye7 Fein Ya Negm, click here.

    By Kalam El Qahaira