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  • 19 Egyptian Women Make it on Forbes’ List of Most Influential Middle Eastern Females


    When a woman knows what she’s doing, she goes higher than any male can! Sorry guys, but this is a fact. That’s why Forbes honoured 100 women with a list of ‘The Middle East’s Most Influential Women 2018.’

    Say goodbye to the silly thought that some people have on how there are some jobs that only a man can do, because Forbes highlighted all the titles, jobs, achievements these women have earned. According to the Forbes report, the banking industry is “male-dominated in western civilisations,” but 29 out of each 100 employees are women in Egypt. Also, the region’s countries do have 50 ministers that are actually women, did you know that?

    We don’t want to drag you deeper into what they actually do; we’re only here to make you proud of your wives, mothers, and daughters! Frobes selection was based on an assessment of four factors: revenues and growth of companies they lead, their experience, and the impact they have on the industry, as well as what initiatives they have led in the past three years.

    This list included so many Egyptian women like Elham Mahfouz, CEO of Commercial Bank in Kuwait; Dalia Elbaz, Head, Risk, Banking Operations, Information Technology, and Deputy Chair of National Bank of Egypt; Sahar El Damati, Managing Director of Union Capital; Nevine El-Messery, CEO of Ahli United Bank of Egypt; Mervat Zohdy Soltan, CEO of Export Development Bank Of Egypt; Sahar Faraht, Senior Executive Vice President in Egypt Kuwait Holding; Rasha El Azhary, CFO of Vodafone; Hania Sadek, COO and Executive Director of HSBC Bank; Marwa El Ayouti, CFO at Orange; Hend El Sherbini, Group CEO for Integrated Diagnostics Holdings; Reem Asad, CEO at Raya Contact Center; Hoda Mansour, Managing Director at SAP Egypt; Nashwa Al Ruwaini, CEO of Pyramedia; Noha El Ghazaly, Managing Director and Head of Investment Banking at Pharos Holding; Shahira Zeid, CEO & Vice Chair of MZ Investments, Maridive Group; Rana Awadi, Managing Director of Acumen Asset Management; and finally, Soha El Turky, CFO of Banque du Caire.

    Also, we couldn’t skip the fact that two other women have made it to Forbes’ Top 10 Women Heading Government Departments 2018, they may not be in the influential list, but this is even bigger! Lobna Helal, Deputy Governor of Central Bank of Egypt is in third place; and Nevein Gamea, the CEO of The Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise Development Agency ‘MSME’, is in the 8th place. In this catagory, they were evaluated based on the GDP of their respective country, and roles of their departments in the government.

    By Sara Mosharef