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  • 16 Things Hijabis Know to Be True


    Anyone who wears hijab can tell you it ain’t easy. However, there are perks to it! Yes, it gets H.O.T in the summer, but it’s also super cosy in the winter when it protects your ears from the wind. Let’s just say there are some things only hijabis will identify with; here are 16 of those things:

    When there’s an unexpected knock at the door and you have to improvise…



    You can get away with not brushing your hair – no one will ever know.


    Messy hair, don’t care.

    However, bad hair days are replaced by bad hijab days.


    You just can’t win…

    And sometimes you want to wear an outfit, but don’t have the right colour scarf to go with it.


    So you steal one from your mom/sister/grandma/friend.

    Then there are times where you can’t find pins and go into Panic Mode.


    How did they escape the pincushion???

    But when you’re on a rollercoaster and you feel your scarf starting to unravel, you know the true meaning of Panic Mode.


    This ride isn’t respecting my modesty!!!

    So little things like your fringe peeking out are annoying, but not nearly as freak-out-able in comparison.


    Baby-hairs be try’na break free.

    Hijabs make for great hands-free substitutes when driving.


    It looks silly, but it’s safe.

    They also act as a built-in umbrella when it rains.


    That money spent at the salon shall not go to waste! (Yes, we get our hair done, too)

    And you never need to worry about catching head lice…


    Unless a male family-member brings it home; then you’re screwed.

    But you do often worry about how to make eveningwear work for you.


    Body > Bolero ?

    And how to even out those weird tan-lines.


    “When are the ladies’ hours at the pool?”…

    Then there’s that awkward moment when you find remnants of lunch caught in the folds of your scarf…


    Have these crumbs been here the whole time?!

    And that equally awkward moment when you hug someone and your pin accidentally stabs them.


    Or was that on purpose?

    Instead of excusing yourself to ‘powder your nose’, you go to ‘fix your scarf’.


    Unless you’re one of those lucky gals whose scarves stay put all day.

    No matter what, you can always use it to cover your nose when there’s a bad smell


    And if that isn’t a perk, what is?

    Scarves = sass.

    By Salma Thanatos Rizk