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  • 14 Hilarious Internet Reactions to the Tiran & Sanafir Controversy


    This week’’s news that Egypt plans to relinquish the islands of Tiran and Sanafir to Saudi Arabia has caused plenty of online controversy, with over 30k tweets on the topic and Facebook rants going viral – we even suggested some other things we might want to gift to our Saudi neighbours.

    Since humour is our best product and one of the few things we’ve yet to relinquish, here’s our favourite online reactions to the news.

    1. The face we all made when we heard the news….

    mohamed rahmy2

    2. Budum-dum-tish.

    amir ramses

    3. Fair point.

    zooz AS

    4. Alexandrians represent!

    asser mattar

    5. SNL represent!

    shadi alfons

    6. We’d laugh if we weren’t sobbing.

    karim shafei

    7. The perfect meme.

    mohamed nofal

    8. Egyptian alsh at its best.

    malek a7a

     9. THIS.

    Sarah Ezzat

     10. Never forget…

    Hani Mahfouz   موضوع الجزيرتين ده مش زي المواضيع اللي فاتت يومين...

    11. This one’s for you, Ahmed Ezz.


    12. #SaveSahel

    Hesham Esmail   أولاند رئيس فرنسا هيزور مصر الأسبوع الجاي .. ربنا...

    13. The meme that keeps on giving.

    Mahmoud Salah

    14. Zamalek, too, maybe?



    By Samar El Shams