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  • 10 Essentials for Cairo Runners’ Half-Marathon


    Although this is impossible to verify, recent eye-witness testimony has revealed that ‘jogging’ is the latest trend to hit Cairo. Though details of this pseudo-activity are hazy, people apparently just run. This revolutionary new concept, which many commentators dismissed as nothing more than a youth-driven fad, owes much of its rise to one plucky group of individuals – Cairo Runners.

    Having launched in 2012, Cairo Runners have gone on to hold several marathons, with the latest – a 22km half-marathon – set to take place this Friday (Feb 28th).

    But what of this strange new phenomenon?  Don’t panic; here’s what you need.

    Anti-Chafing Tape

    Running causes friction. Friction causes chafing. Nothing will ever be as excruciating as bleeding nipples.

    A Winning Pose

    This is an important one. While this is done all in the name of healthy living, charity and fun, nothing tastes sweeter than success. Channel that hunger, strike a pose.

    Losing Smile

    In the event that you don’t do so well, under no circumstances should you cry, throw a hissy fit or kick inanimate objects. Just be passive aggressive and blame it on your running shoes.

    A Water Bottle to Pack some ‘Juice’

    An essential for any work out of mine. When you hit that wall, you’re going to need a pick-me-up of the strongest variety.

    Crotch-Hugging Short-Shorts

    One for the men; it gives you the freedom to pump those thighs and allows for a great conversation opener with girls. And no, this striking blue number isn’t underwear – they’re running shorts.

    iPod with Rocky Music on Repeat

    If this doesn’t get you through it all, nothing will.

    A Friend to Shout Slogans at You

    The support and ridicule of your friends and family is essential to any achievements.

    A Bucket of Popcorn Chicken Waiting for You at the Finish Line

    Possibly the most important one of all – the perfect comedown.


    Click here to fill out a form and hand over money so that you can run in a public area.

    Good luck everyone! You can find more info on the Cairo Runners Facebook page and website.