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  • 10 Cool Egyptians We Can’t Get Enough of on Instagram


    I think we can safely say that in the confusing realms of social media, Instagram is king right now. Many continue to resist the allure of social media, dismissing it as mindless escape for the idle, but Instagram in particular has provided a platform for local and regional folk with an eye for the artistic – be it their profession or otherwise – with a unique platform to express themselves. Prepare yourself for some pretentious waffle as we try to put words to some truly outstanding Instagram accounts that you may not have come by.


    Having seemingly given up on mankind – save for her two young sons – self-confessed misanthrope, Noha Zayed, finds the beauty she yearns for in nature, with her Instagram boasting stunning photos of rural Egypt.



    Similarly, photographer, Karim El Hayawan, has an eye for the rural, with a series of recent photos showing locals on the North Coast being particularly striking. Other notable features of his work include desert landscapes and a keen nose for architecture.



    ‘A hippie at heart’ reads Yasmine Boghdady’s profile description – throw in a heavy sense of wanderlust and you have a stunning collection of photos from across Egypt and Europe that captures both the grand and the intimate.



    Big hair, big personality; Dina El- Zeneiny treats her Instagram like a ‘visual diary’ and so there’s never any lack of variety in her simple but striking photos, be it in Egypt or abroad.



    One of the darker, broodier Instagram accounts on this list, the photography of Kashef is beautiful and discomforting in equal amounts as he uses the human body to stunning effect.



     A director of photography in the making, Haya Khairat’s love of film is obvious in her photography and is an artiste – yes, with an ‘e’ – in every sense of the word as her Tumblr testifies.



    Entrepreneur and general lover of life, Mustafa Sharara, is usually somewhere in the world exploring what he describes in one caption as ‘the beauty of nothingness’.



     There’s a nostalgic and picturesquely dreary quality to Sherifa Hamed’s photography. Though most of the pictures are simple, there are points of interest, clashes and symmetries to be found everywhere.



    No glitz, no glamour, just Egypt. This is seemingly the M.O. for this particular Instagram account, which doesn’t show Egypt in it’s realest form to incite some kind of guilt or discomfort, but to simply appreciate its unique aesthetic.



    As a cinematographer, Ahmed Tahoun injects many of his photos with an intangible sense of movement and makes creative use of both shadow and light. Do we sound, like, super-pretentious?