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  • فاعل_خير#: Mobinil’s Ramadan Message Prevails


    Ramadan has become as much spectacle as anything else; the battle for ratings, sales and plaudits seems to have become this generation’s contribution to the forcibly evolving Ramadan traditions in Egypt.

    Only possibly one element remains untouched; the spirit of goodwill and charity – although it’s a close call these days. Among the very many publicised initiatives pledged by Egyptian institutions and businesses, Mobinil’s campaign, for lack of a softer word, was possibly the bravest.

    There was no physical target; there were no monetary figures equated; there was just a message of goodwill. Fortune, in this case, has very much favoured the brave. Launched under a cloak of mystery, the فاعل_خير# hashtag has definitely left its mark as on Ramadan 2015, with thousands of Egyptians, as well as some of the country’s most popular celebrities and most influential local figures social media, using the hashtag in support of the message – and its popularity and unique offline presence has largely been owed to the sheer simplicity of it all.


    The message isn’t a complicated one, but it is a sincere one. Do good and you’ll find good; kindness, empathy, goodwill – these things cost nothing and demand little. At first thought, one might think of it as rather basic – but that’s the point. It’s basic because it’s fundamental; ‘the helping hand’, as little or as great, is essential to the strength of any community. Strength breeds safety; safety breeds confidence; confidence breads success. That and better posture.

    For more on Mobinil’s Ramadan initiative, click here .

    By Cairo Gossip

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