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    CGuides: Oiol Calvo, Feedo, Motherfunkers & more…

    The weekend is finally here!

    CGuides: 15 Midweek Groovy Parties!

    Time to kill the routine!

    18 Cartoons We All Watched Growing Up

    We’re not just talking about Tom & Jerry!

    Coca-Cola Egypt’s Concert Is the Hottest Ticket in Town!

    Hot ticket alert!

    CGuides: Akladios, Ben Eaton, Anastasia, & more…

    Dance the nights away!

    A Talk With End-Quote Co-Founder Sabah Khodir

    It was a great privilege to delve deep into what Sabah had to say!

    CGuides: 13 Midweek Antidotes-to-Stress Parties

    Time to de-stress!

    First Concert in MENA Region to Bring the Dead to Life

    We shit you not!

    Farida Osman Shatters a World Record!


    CGuides: Disco Misr, DJunkie, Nour Project, & more…

    Dance the night away!

    OPPO’s Latest Campaign Is All About Celebrating Everyday Heroes!

    OPPO thought that these Egyptians who stop at nothing deserve a shout-out!

    CGuides: 13 Awesome Midweek Parties To De-stress

    When you feel it’s been a really long week, and you realise it’s only Tuesday!

    James Arthur, and DJ Mahmut Orhan Are Coming to Town!

    Grab your money, and get yo tickets!

    Cairo Cinema Days' Third Edition Is Almost Here!

    Cinema has always been a part of every single one of us.

    Andromida, Mahmoud El Leithy, Feedo & more...

    It’s Thursday which means we focus on one thing; which party to welcome the weekend at with open a

    When Men Say Full Stop, Women Say PERIOD!

    Periods and uteruses aren’t popular public topics that people would normally talk about.

    Ahmed Sheba, Feedo, Mobbz, Dokkan, & more…

    It’s time to have a break, and party!