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    Egypt Joins The Game With NBA’s New African Pro League

    Former American President Obama is expected to be involved with this new league’s operations as he

    19 Things Only Egyptians Would Understand

    We don’t ride camels, nor do we live in the Pyramids.

    Artsy Things You Can Do at Galleria40 that Ain’t Food or Drinks

    The Cultural Lab has welcoming the passionate, the inspired, and the aspiring (both young and old) o

    CGuides: DJ Feedo, Cheeseballs, Africairo, & More…

    'ts lovers and loners Valentine's!

    Another Egyptian Squash Player Tops PSA Ranking

    We are dominating the sport.

    CGuides: 14 Wild Midweek Parties That Will Bring Light to Your Stressful Work Week!

    Get ready for some wild popping folks!

    Egypt Makes It to Another Top Destinations List of 2019

    By the looks of it, tourism is going to improve this year!

    Sharmoofers & Mounir Will Be Performing Next Month!

    You should go to both!

    Here Are Potential Specs Before the S10’s Official Reveal

    The rumours and leaks might be true afterall!

    Weekend CGuide: Mohamed Fouad, Islam Chipsy, Akladios & More…

    Lets light it up!

    Make Space Yours’ Space Challenge Reaches the Final Stage!

    Sights firmly set on encouraging future generations to reach beyond the boundary of the earth’s at

    Dar al-Iftaa Campaigns Against Trendy Hashtags Khaleha T3anes & Khalek Fe 7odn Omak

    Finally some logic.

    Here Is the Newest Budget Friendly Flagship-Killer Phone that Runs PUBG Smoothly

    A phone that hosts one of Snapdragon’s mid-range powerful processors, the Octa-Core Snapdragon 660

    Kamala Celebrates the Chinese New Year with Lots of Food

    From the 1st to the 13th of February.

    CGuides: High Beats & High Souls with 9 Midweek Parties

    Groovy midweek parties.

    9 Ways To Prank Your Ex For Valentine’s Day

    You will be labeled the crazy ex.

    Egypt Will Soon Digitise Its Traffic Services!

    Who said you have to have a heart of steel and the patience of a hunter to license your car?