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    This Weekend at 6IX Degrees: Bazaar Night Part Two, Yuri Mrakadi, Maya Maghraby & More!

    There's a distinct Lebanese flavour to things at 6IX Degrees this weekend...

    There's a Restaurant in Cairo Selling a Burger for 1,495LE

    Is Food Gun's Bazoka Burger the most expensive burger in Cairo?

    There's a Proper Egyptian Remix of Despacito and it's Actually Pretty Good

    Despacito fever continues to run wild across Egypt.

    Food Artist Makes Brilliant Recipe Videos Inspired by Famous Filmmakers

    What if Tarantino made spaghetti and meatballs? Good Question.

    Coca-Cola’s New Selfie-Cap: Throw Away Your Selfie Stick

    Don’t you dare be seen with a selfie-stick this summer....

    The Mexican Embassy in Cairo is Holding a Very Cool Competition

    It's not often that 'art' is a prize.

    Freaky Friday: Five Parties to Go to in Sahel This Friday

    TGIF for real.

    This Weekend at 6IX Degrees: Hakim, Top of the Pops & a Special Night with Maya

    Three nights, three huge acts, three reasons to go to Sahel this weekend.

    This Weekend's Freedom Music Festival Has the Biggest Line-Up of the Summer

    And when we say big, we mean, like, ginormous.

    Orange Streamed Nancy Ajram’s Cyprus Concert & It Was Awesome

    Nancy Ajram live from the comfort of home? Yes please.

    Classic Arab Celebrities Reimagined for Today's Red Carpets

    The stars of yesteryear, now.

    August at Cairo Jazz Club: Fulltone, PanSTARRS, Firehood, Disco Misr Album Launch & More!

    CJC's August buffet of live music is on.

    Four Seasons Nile Plaza: From Morning to Night, the Perfect Summer’s Day

    You don't need a beach for a perfect summer's day.

    This Weekend at 6IX Degrees: Carole Samaha, Mahmoud El Esseily, Maya Maghraby & More

    Three nights, three huge acts, three reasons to go to Sahel this weekend.

    Alternative Athens: Five Ways to Experience it Differently

    Forget everything you think you know about Athens.

    August at Riverside: Mariam Sawires, Disco Misr, Dina El Wedidi & More!

    Find out more on Cairo Gossip!

    IOS Village: Five Reasons it’s the Coolest Place in Sahel This Summer

    It takes a village to raise a perfect Sahel getaway.