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  • Everything You Need to Know About Emaar’s 1.5bn EGP Facelift of Al Alamein Hotel


    Al Alamein Hotel, has been around for decades. Most probably our fathers, grandfathers, and even great grand-fathers own/ed a vintage photo-album of “film” photographs taken in their 60’s swimsuits at Al Alamein Hotel beach. We can assume they were listening to disco cassettes, or the soothing voices of Abd El Halim Hafez/Om Kolthoum, or even enjoying some freska.


    While we are certain this kind of nostalgia can bring back a lot of the lost past, what if the whole look/feel of a place signifies even more?

    To answer the former question, to keep the memories intact, the nostalgia alive, and to seamlessly blend into the fast-paced era we live in, Emaar was working on fusing our love for nostalgia with this modern era. Their latest facelift on Al Alamein Hotel cost 1.5bn EGP, and it stands out because it is graced with retro sculptures, photos, and art that pay tribute to the golden era.


    Recently, they had the hotel’s opening, which was attended by the Minister of Tourism, Dr. Rania Al-Mashat, as well as the Chairman of Emaar, Mohamed Alabbar, who said ““The refurbishment of Al Alamein Hotel provides an example of our determination to offer a hotel that is on a par with, or rather superior to, world-class resorts.”  


    The eclectic vintage elements used in this project carry some long-standing histories with them, such as Umbrellas by George Zongolopoulos: a two-decade-old Greek sculpture, which extends 13 metres into the sky. The sculpture could also be seen as a reminder of Abd El Halim Hafez’s song “do2o el shamasy.” There is also a mosaic mural of the late Egyptian singer, Om Kalthoum. Dazzling us even more, Emaar have hung black & white photos of the golden era celebrities on the columns of the lobby.

    Although the hotel could have withered away, Emaar has brought it back to life. It is important to note that this is not the first time Emaar has participated in developing residential/tourist hotels and resorts; they have a long record launching several hotels such as Vida Marassi Marina, the Address Marassi Beach Resort & more.