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  • 4 Stunning Egyptian Eco-lodges to Visit This Summer


    With summer officially arriving and the Eid vacation just around the corner, you need to start planning for an off the beaten track trip if you don’t want to get stuck in Cairo.

    Because we know how tough and super hot, Ramadan has been this year, we advise you to run to a getaway where you can blow off some steam. Avoid the crowds in Sahel and Gouna, and resort to mother nature for some peace of mind. And we’d have to say, there’s no better way to do this than at a secluded eco-lodge. 

    Egypt is, in fact, full of stunning eco-lodges that’ll blow your mind. However, since it’s flaming hot, we’ll be focusing more on those by the beach. Here are some eco-lodges we highly recommend. 

    #1 Basata

    Built back in 1986, when the eco-lodge culture was not common in Egypt, Basata lies on the shore of the pristine Red Sea in Nuweiba. As the name suggests, Basata, which means ‘simplicity’ in English, is truly a heavenly destination. It’s the perfect escape plan, away from the busy city life. 


    Address: 23 Nuweiba Road, Nuweiba, South Sinai, Egypt

    Phone: 0020 693500481

    E-mail: basata@basata.com


    #2 Bedouin Valley

    This one’s surrounded by Marsa Alam’s serene views, making it the perfect getaway to unwind and reconnect with oneself. The campsite also has its own diving centre where you can explore the Red Sea’s magnificent marine life.


    Address: 14 Km South Marsa Alam Town, Red Sea, Egypt

    Phone: 0102 008 8211

    E-mail: zeelinellc@hotmail.com


    #3 Deep South Diving

    Also in Marsa Alam, this eco-lodge and diving club is founded by none other than the founder of 3AlGanoob, the popular independent music festival. His keenness on maintaining a green impact reflects on the lodging facility that speaks eco-friendliness at its finest. Food is also one of the greatest pleasures at this haven, with a barbeque by the beach for beef lovers, as well as veggie options for vegans.


    Address: Scuba Diving & Sea Boat Safari, Marsa Alam, Red Sea, Egypt

    Phone: +20 111 181 2277

    E-mail: info@deepsouthredsea.com


    #4 Red Sea Diving Safari

    In the heart of Marsa Alam, Red Sea Diving Safari spreads throughout the beach town with three branches. With one located in Marsa Shagra, one in Marsa Nakari, and another in Wadi Lahami, they all have something for everyone. The eco-friendly lodging facilities offer a variety of accommodation options; including tents, royal tents, huts, chalets, and deluxe chalets. You can book online here.



    Marsa Shagra

    Address: Halaib We Shellatin, 22 km North Marsa Alam City, 113 km South El Qusser City, Marsa Alam

    Phone: +20653380021

    E-mail: info@redsea-divingsafari.com


    Marsa Nakari

    Address: Halaib We Shellatin, 18 km South Marsa Alam City, Marsa Alam

    Phone: +201282166511

    E-mail: info@redsea-divingsafari.com


    Wadi Lahami

    Address: Halaib We Shellatin, 120 km South Marsa Alam City, Hamata, Marsa Alam

    Phone: +201065779300

    E-mail: info@redsea-divingsafari.com


    What are you waiting for? The clock’s ticking, so hurry up and place your reservations before it’s too late!



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