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    Weekend CGuides: Jazz, Disco, Funk, RnB, House, & More…

    We’ve got the scoop on all the cool parties happening in our capital!

    Spotify Premium Launches in Egypt for Only EGP 49.99

    For the love of music.

    Wust El Balad, Massar Egbari, Sharmoofers, and Others to Perform Live This Friday

    Biggest concert of the month!

    CGuides: 13 Groovy Midweek Parties

    High music buzz.

    This Campaign Is Set on Breaking the Stigmas Through Colour Therapy

    Colours count as a very universal language.

    Jason Derulo & David Vendetta Are Coming to Egypt!

    They are gonna be dropping some sick beats y’all.

    How Egyptians Have Been Making Space Theirs for Thousands of Years

    Taking very brave steps into the majestic void of space.

    Syrian Singer & Beloved Songstress, Faia Younan is in the Guinness World Records

    Totally deserved.

    Watch: This Man Filmed 6 Videos that Capture the Beautiful Sounds of Egypt

    Because “beauty lies in the eye of the beholder”

    Weekend CGuide: Oriol Calvo, Ramy Djunkie, Johara & More

    Unwind from all the built-up stress.

    Minya Artist Receives a Call of Encouragement from Mo Salah

    Lo and behold.

    CGuides: 8 Party Games that You Should Only Play on Weekends

    Make sure it doesn’t involve getting naked.

    Apple Hinders iPhones’ Performances Once Again

    Restart your iPhone and hope for the best.

    CGuides: 13 Awesome Midweek Parties

    Hip midweek for the party freaks.

    Huda Al-Mufti Shines Like a Starlet in a ZAAM Dress

    The F9 is a phone and a fashion statement.

    Spotify Arrives in Cairo

    Your tunes will never be out of reach.

    CGuides: 6 Best Places to Karaoke in Cairo

    Tip: drink warm water.