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    In Remembrance of Director Mohamed El Nagar, Here Are His Top Films

    Here are his top films that will live on forever.

    Amr Warda Excluded from National Football Team After Leak of Inappropriate Footage

    Unfortunately, this is not Warda’s first scandal to surface.

    New Tunisian Ad Goes Viral and Infuriates Songwriter of “Kol El Banat Bethebak”

    However, the original songwriter was not very happy about this.

    5 Times Khaled El Sawy Showed Us He’s a Fun Guy

    He proved us all wrong with his funny videos and humorous comments that blessed our timelines.

    CGuide: A Sick Night Is Awaiting You!

    Forget about the dilemma of “where are we going tonight?”

    Immerse Yourself in the Progressive Rock/Metal World of Medic

    Our favourite track though would have to be Wandering in Wasteland. Enjoy!

    Egyptian National Football Team Phones Get Confiscated After Instagram Incident

    The national team’s director, Ehab Leheta, did not deny the allegations.

    Yasmine Sabri Offends Those Rocking That Extra Chromosome

    Yasmine Sabri, misunderstood humour as she offended people diagnosed with down syndrome.

    Myriam Fares Apologises to Egyptians After Offensive Comment in Press Conference

    Famous Lebanese superstar, Myriam Fares, made an offensive comment in a press conference during Moro

    AFCON Ads Lifting Egyptian Spirit

    Let us know which one is your favourite in the comments.

    Amr Warda and Three Other Players Accused of Harassing Model on Instagram

    Keller claims that some players from the Egyptian national football team have been harassing her.

    One-on-One With Sherief Elabd: What They Don’t Tell You About Everest

    The road to victory is paved with sweat, struggle, and a whole other ugly side no one dares to speak

    Remembering Cinderella of the Arabic Screen Soad Hosny

    Today, the 21st of June, marks the anniversary of the death of an Egyptian actress we all adored; So

    Your Ultimate AFCON Transportation Guide

    how to get there without losing our cheering spirit?

    Jinn’s Cast and Crew on How It Could Change the Western Perception of the Region

    Media, and films in particular, are to blame when it comes to cultural stereotyping, and unfortunate

    CGuide: AFCON, Dancing, and More This Weekend

    Are you watching the AFCON’s opening game tomorrow night but still haven’t decided where? Well,

    Cheer up, It’s World Falafel Day!

    Today is a very special day for Egyptians and Arabs alike as it marks World Falafel Day.