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  • zamalik is open for business

    its no secret that zamalik has been changing dramatically in the past year, so here is just a few of the business that opened up in the past year only and you tell me what you think ! 


    • Amici, the egypt’s first actual cocktail bar
    • WIF, Egypt’s first actual dedicated wings eatery
    • RISAS, a new bar by the owners of pub28, that is a lounge and bar
    • 33 Abou El Fida, with grizzly diner, abdel wahab, coffee shop company, tofaha
    • Pizza Mia, a cute italian pizzaria, with actually cute light yummy pizza 
    • Nola Cupcakes, a cup cake store that is all about the boutique and experiance
    • Crumbs Cupcakes, a store that offers more than just cupcakes … cookies too !
    • Cafe Mex, a new cafe on the 26th of july that well a lot of the scene people love to hang out in
    • Wel3a, upper end shisha place with imported shisha (eventhough fishie dont support smoking but this place has been doing well )
    • Diwan Qurtasyia and Diwan KIDs, two new branches of diwn with focus on kids and utencils 
    • La Avenue, a bar a lounge a resturant ! with a view of the nile ! 
    • Maybe two, a frozen yoghurt place (granted that they are a bit over priced for yoghurt.. ) 


    and people said that revolution has affected the country, i say no ! look at all these new things that just popped in one year !!! and here is the thing i already just heard of around 5 new places that might pop up in zamalik !! some might be bars, some might new cafes, but definately one thing …. zamalik is changing !!!!