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  • Your Ultimate Kahk Guide for Eid 2019

    Eid's Kahk

    We’re bidding Ramadan farewell and welcoming Eid with arms wide open and hungry tummies. We know how choosing the best Kahk can be a real struggle; too many options, flavours, textures, and prices. That’s where we come to the rescue. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide so you can go Kahk shopping with ease.

    Average Prices/Kilo


    Eid's Kahk

    The smell is enough to make you drool all over it. It’s so delicious and for only EGP 140 per kilo for plain, EGP 165 for agameya Kahk, EGP 150 for malban Kahk, and EGP 250 for Kahk with walnuts.


     Eid's Kahk

    Their Kahk is unique, consistent, and simply delicious. It should definitely be on your list and it’s EGP135 per kilo for plain Kahk. If you’re going for malban Kahk, a kilo is EGP 135,  EGP 135 for agwa Kahk, EGP 150 for agameya Kahk, EGP 195 for walnut and agameya Kahk, EGP 195 for walnut Kahk, and EGP 205 for Kahk with pistachio.

    La Poire

    Eid's Kahk

    La Poire offers Kahk in different flavours, starting from EGP 160 for plain Kahk. Agwa Kahk is for EGP 150, agameya is EGP 180, walnuts and malban is EGP 190, while walnut Kahk is for EGP 250.


    Eid's Kahk

    Their Kahk is delicious, and many people love it. A kilo is EGP 130 for plain, EGP 115 for agwa and malban Kahk, EGP 147 for agameya, EGP 200 for walnuts, EGP 210 for hazelnut, and EGP 252 for pistachio Kahk.

    El Abd Patisserie

    Eid's Kahk

    The Abd’s Kahk will remind you of the good old days when we used to make our own with our grandmothers in the kitchen. The taste is priceless, and you’ll never regret getting it. Here, a kilo is EGP 110.

    Mandarine Koueider

     Eid's Kahk

    Koueider offers various types of Kahk. Costing EGP 120 for date Kahk, while Kahk with walnut or pistachio is EGP 185 and EGP 240 respectively.

    Boujee Kahk (For those willing to exchange a kidney for a box of Kahk)

    Le Carnaval

    eid's Kahk

    Have you come across a viral box of Kahk with a starting price of EGP 6,000? Well, it’s true. We wonder if it’s sugar-coated with fairy dust!

    Exception Pastry & Bakery

    Eid's Kahk

    The box or should we call it “the cupboard” is for (wait for it) EGP 3,850 L.E. *jaw drops*

    We know that they’re justifying this by saying it has everything; the box is made of “drawers” filled with all types of Kahk, petit four, and Maamoul. But still, if this were made by aliens, we still wouldn’t have paid. But, as far as we know, it’s made by humans, so, why?

    Budget Kahk

    Kahk 3am Khaled

    Kahk 3m Khaled

    We know what you’re thinking, but actually, one plate can turn heads in a room. According to reviews, 3am Khaled’s Kahk is delicious and it tastes like it’s homemade. The plate is for only EGP 50, and you can find them near Hadaye2 El Maadi Metro station.

    You can also spare yourself the time and effort and simply make it at home. After all, what’s Eid without Kahk?


    By Yara Tarek



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