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  • Which Type of Drink Are You?

    Disco Misr @ Music Zone (37 of 56)

    Everyone has their own favourite drink. If you think about it though, every type of alcohol has its own charm. So we decided to pick some of your most loved drinks, and give them another name.

    1) “The Bed Lover” (AKA Red Wine)

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    It has been researched and proven that wine ― especially red wine ― makes you feel extremely relaxed.

    2) “Mad Pirate” (AKA Rum)


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    We actually couldn’t find another name for rum! Rum is the kind of drink that makes you crazy. You are crazyto the extent where you don’t question your actions or actually care about the consequences; think Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean. 

    3) “Talk to Me” (AKA Whiskey)

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    Whiskey is a guy’s/girl’s best friend; it’s the kind of drink that is there whenever you’re down, and in the mood for a chitchat.

    4) “The Appetiser” (AKA Beer)


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     Beer is just a starter, the kind of drink you go for when you just need to chill before the big party, or after a long day at the office.

    5) “Party Animal” (AKA Vodka)

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    This is an essential one! No one has ever turned down vodka, because it is simply the drink that turns you to the happiest, craziest party animal version of yourself. You can mix it with your favourite soda, and you’ll still dance like nobody is watching.

    6) “Who are you?” (AKA Tequila)


    Each and everyone one of us has probably experienced amnesia one or twice, and it surely is because of tequila! If you drink a couple of shots, you’ll probably wake up the next morning not remembering what you did, where you went, or how it ended.

    7) “I’ll Never Believe You” (AKA Gin)


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    The feeling of courage is definitely here! Gin always leaves you saying “I’m not drunk, you are,” or maybe something like “No, I don’t believe you” or more like “I’ll do it, I can do anything,” and you surely try to do it and fail.

    By Sara Mosharef