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  • We Went on A McDonald’s Kitchen Tour!


    Some things are way too addictive, and of course McDonald’s is on the top of that list! Reminiscing over childhood memories and ordering it is a definitely happy memory for many of us. Come on, they have the best Big Tasty in town! They invited us to have a little tour of their kitchen, and here is how it went.

    We were welcomed to McDonald’s Concord branch by Gehan El Goly, the PR and Communications Manager. Gehan started by explaining McDonald’s open-door tour, which allows customers have a tour inside McDonald’s kitchens to have a look at the entire production process; from the storage of the raw materials, to the food prep, and ending with the delicious meals being served to us!


    McDonald’s is an international food chain that takes the utmost care about with its customers, it is the only fast food chain that adopts the “Your Right to Know” strategy which allows customers to take a tour inside McDonald’s branches. So, we entered the kitchen and were introduced to every single thing they do. Firstly, if we were to talk about cleanliness, these guys are spot on.

    Imagine having an alarm to remind you that you need to wash your hands. Well, that’s how McDonald’s reminds their employees to keep themselves, and everything around them, clean.

    And of course, they store all the ingredients in the right place, at the right temperature, and always bear in mind the expiration date. In addition, all meats and chicken are fresh and organic, they don’t put any extra ingredients when they’re cooking it… they just don’t need to.

    Let’s now talk about the taste itself. While we’ll basically never know how the food is made or even be able to guess the recipe, we can assure you that all the milkshakes, ice-cream, and sauces they serve us are made just for them, in the world’s biggest and most reputable factories.  

    Also, we know you’ve been guessing why the cola tastes different at McDonald’s. Well, this is because they don’t buy one, they create one! cola is made right there in their kitchen.


    While the tour didn’t last long, it was enough to make us crave McDonald’s. We’ll just enjoy their tasty sandwiches, their fizzing soda, and their unique fries.

    P.S. When we asked about the secret recipe behind McDonald’s Fries, we were obviously not told the answer. This is one of McDonald’s most well-kept secrets, and they weren’t ready to tell us about it!