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  • Watch: Local Authorities Crack Down on Heliopolis Cafes Following Mahmoud Bayoumi Death


    Following the murder of Mahmoud Bayoumi at Heliopolis restaurant and cafe, Keif, on Sunday night, local authorities have today cracked down on other food and beverage venues in the area.

    Several venues on Nozha Street, where Keif is located, have been bulldozed for reportedly not having the correct licensing, including Gabriel and Gusto. The move is the biggest of its kind since May 2016, when Zamalek’s Club 33 was stormed by police.

    In response, other restaurants and cafes on the street, as well as at Tivoli Dome and Merghany Street, have closed for the day.

    Social media has been ablaze this week, with users demanding that the owners and staff of Keif be reprimanded. Last night, however, a suspect was identified as Amr Moustafa Hussein, who spoke to Amr Adeeb on OnTV, while several sources have claimed the owner of Keif to be Lebanese singer, Assi El Hilany.

    By Kalam El Qahaira