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  • Trio opens tonight!

    People enjoy the YummY yummY

    with a long awaited opening and a facebook campaign that has been going one for a month before their opening. The doors of trio opens finally to the public today at 6pm! yesterday we got invited to go to the food tasting and OMG Yummy !

    if you are going there, here is what we tasted and loved.

    For appetizers, the indonesian chicken skewers ! for main course, we had the Pizza Funghi and it was the lightest and mouthwatering pizza !! Since fishie loves THAI food, we also had the Thai Chicken Red curry with jasmine rise ! bardo yummy !

    desert … Three  words. The IceCream Sandwich !

    Follow on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Trio.Cairo Twitter: www.Twitter.com/TrioEatery

    People enjoy the YummY yummY