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  • Trio: A Green Eatery

    Trio Designed by D-EVO

    Trio Designed by D-EVO

    As you noticed, Zamalek became a playground for new restaurants and eateries, a lot of them have been popping up left and right, and as you heard on my page a few times, TRIO is opening up soon… Trio is owned by Rawy Rizk, John Basta and Mohamed Farouk, and spearheaded by the California chef, Jane Hernandez! and since the expected opening of the much anticipated dine-in elegance eatery is coming up very soon i got a chance to sit down with Jane for her to explain to me about the concept of the eatery in terms of the food

    btw you can always follow trio on facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/Trio.Cairo )

    This is what Jane had to say about Trio !

    TRIO will use cultural influence from all over the world as Cairo itself is one of the largest melting pots on the globe!
    We will partner with local farms and businesses bringing the best available product on the market. Using seasonal and organic products when available, TRIO promises to maintain this standard at reasonable prices.

    TRIO will provide the best food and experience, cooked and served with loving care using quality ingredients.

    TRIOwill be adopting the slow food movement ( read below the excerpt from wiki on what it entails)

    Slow Food Movement-
    Best described by Founder and President Carlo Petrini, he believes “everyone has the right to good, clean and fair food.” Good, meaning a high quality product with a flavorful taste, clean meaning the naturalness in the way the product was produced and transported and fair, meaning adequate pricing and treatment for both the consumers and producers- WIKI

    now also as per my understanding TRIO will be also aiming to go green, in terms of a number of different methods, but for starters

    1- Recycling, all the waste from the kitchen, such as packaging, food material, plastics, aluminium will be put in separate bins, and TRIO has made a deal with a recycling plant to pick up the waste and get it recycled

    2- There is a company that is called Green World which  ”is an educational program on waste for schools. Kids become aware of the waste they produce and how to deal with it. Reduce, reuse and recycle is the way to save natural resources and save money” TRIO is using that with its kids menu, to ensure educations within the new young community, also i hear TRIO did a donation to Green World and just partnered with them. Find Green world on facebook on the following link https://www.facebook.com/pages/Green-World/251707784918053?ref=ts

    TRIO should be opening in two-three weeks, and is in the same location that Cafe Tabaso used to be in

    TRIO Indoors designed by D-Evo

    TRIO indoors Designed by D-EVO