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  • Thoughts on Egyptian Wine

    The Corkies is still on going, its a survey rating the egyptian wine, but today i thought why not share some of the comments thats have been left on the survey. To fill up the corkies, click here

    More selection and letting them age longer to massed produced it would be nice to see selections from smaller vinyards that are not all the same each barrel would be alittle different

    why don t u try to produce something new and which is more significant for egypt (i. e. mango wine)

    Egyptian wine tastes like vinegar and is only drinkable because there is no imported wine available. I mix it with Sprite to make it more palatable. Caspar and Jardin du Nil (both white) are acceptable although any European supermarket wine for 2 euros tastes better.

    Be more active in promoting Egyptian wines at fine dining destinations. Prepare separate wine lists not just a list at the tail end of the food menu.Train sommeliers to explain the different wines and suggest wine pairings. Promote cocktails featuring Egyptian sparkling wines.

    Though I have selected the above wines as the “favorite” yet, I must say they are the favorite upon their peers.. but unfortunately they’re not good enough. All the mentioned wines lack flavor and taste. They all have a strong “vinegrate” taste, that completely overtakes the whole wine experience. Drinking wine in Egypt for me is always a good substitute for beer when i want to consume something lower in calories.. or hard liquor when I don’t want the hangover.. but not because I’m enjoying the wine itself!

    Importance is more quality and please do understand how to store wine properly; and teach shops & restaurants how do so. 1 out 5 bottles taste good; the rest taste like vinigear; that’s because of poor storage of bottles

    More selections of different kind of grapes

    Let me know what you think, take the CORKIES survey now and leave your comment there