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  • The Smokery Now Serves Breakfast & Brunch – And It’s Darn Good


    “All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast.”

    If, like yours truly, food is your main source of life force, you’ll appreciate author John Gunther’s pithy yet very real assessment of that simple little thing we take for granted called breakfast.

    Health implications aside, breakfast foods are just better – something that the Smokery understands all too well. As one of the top restaurants in Cairo, quality is a given with Katameya Heights-located spot’s food, bringing all the elegance of fine-dining peppering it with the comfort of the casual.

    It’s this hard-to-balance combination that gave birth to the Smokery’s special breakfast and brunch which launched at the end of December. Catering to both the health-conscious and the not-so-health-conscious (yours truly, again), the specially crafted menu offers all the classic breakfast and brunch staples, with some of the Smokery’s own signature dishes adding the proverbial cherry on top.

    Among said specials, the Smokery Benedict, Avocado Toast and French Toast really hit the spot during a Cairo Gossip field trip – mainly because you’ll be hard-pressed to find many other places across Cairo that execute these types of dishes with the finesse they demand.

    Even the more common items, like the Smokery’s Breakfast Club Sandwich, are executed to near-perfection – and we haven’t even talked about the view yet. Overlooking the New 9 Clubhouse gronds of which it is a part of, there’s nothing quite like the sights, sounds and even smells of a crisp Cairo morning as you look out onto a clam sea of green.

    But words are so often futile – so there’s nothing left but for you to try it out for yourself. The Smokery opens at 9AM. For more information, click here.