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  • the inside story of COFFEE BEAN

    yesterday, i ran  a blog post bringing attention on what was happening in Coffee Bean Zamalik, and how it has been recieving unfair business treatment from the owners of the buildings. But the reality of it last night article was based on rumors, today i am writing it based on facts, and inside story from both sides of the “fiasco”

    With out mentioning names,  but lets say i have received email communication from two inside sources, one  is a friend close to the building owners, and another one close to the coffee bean franchise management.  Apparently the issue has been the case since 2005.

    So for starters the friend  close to the building owners claim  that

    “  There has been an official ruling issued by the Governor of Cairo for the closing of this outlet (karar 3′alk rakam 4 for year 2011 from the governor of cairo) because it does not follow fire and health regulations. Secondly The outlet does not own a license and is running under the Om Kothoum hotel license risking the closure of the hotel and the loss of its license. The place has been metshama3 a few month back and here is a picture of  ”

    two acquisition that made very curious, so when i reached out to my source in coffee bean asking about this, this is the response i got …

    When we opened end of 2005 we made a great success and since the deal from day one that we are  part of the hotel since there are no licenses in Zamalek , therefore electricity and water supply came from the hotel … We got a license from the Ministry of Tourism that we are a part of the hotel in 2006 But in the name of the hotel. After a month or two of the opening , the  building owners cut the Electricity and Water on Coffee Bean  and asked for double the rent,  since it was our flagship store and we have just opened and it would have taken forever to go to court we accepted and redrafted the contract with the new prices double the original rent …still have a copy of the old contract ..
    Last June , it started again , he cut the electricity and water and requested again double the rent … Exactly what he did a few years back … This time we did not submit because we would need to sell drugs to cover the rent he requested ..
    And since that time , he has been fighting us everywhere specially that we don’t exist without the hotel since we are a part of the hotel According to the Ministry of Toursim license ..
    Yes he got a closure decree from al haay but since we are under the ministry of tourism this decree has no value , that’s why we keep  did re-open.
    Another claim by the inside source close to the building owners was that
    The coffee bean holding company is going through massive financial problems causing delays in rent over the last 3 years and currently no rent being paid at all

    Which my coffee bean source refuted,

    we place the rent in court every 3 month in advance ( since 6 month ) and never been late and more over coffee bean is opening 6 new branches in the first quarter of 2012!  (coffee bean said it would provide documents if required to prove the rent thing)

    and then came this other claim by the source close to the building owners

     Coffee bean is currently running electricity from a generator which is causing havoc and pollution (ridiculous amount of smoke does not allow residents to open their windows) to residents in the building.

    which my source close to coffee bean replied to that saying

    the fire department made a report based on [the building owners] complaint and we have made all the necessary precautions and they have re-evaluated and approved that we have done everything they asked for but since [owners] is the only authorized person to communicate to health , fire and tourism so he is not letting them publish the new report which we have a copy of .. And we have placed the generator inside because he has cut the electricity since 6 month .,

    Well on finally came the issue of why are the building owners trying to remove coffee bean out, well i claimed it was because the next door bank wants to expand, which was a wrong accusation on my behalf apparently , and the source close to the building owner said …

    The bank is opening another branch in 26th july street infront of maghrabi and we have no intention in selling the asset as it priceless and we can sell as it is anyway with the coffee bean contract running. 

    So when i checked with the coffee bean source, he did say that the bank

    you have mistaken the bank’s name ,  it is bank al Baraka and we have a copy of the correspondence between the building owner and the bank which we can furnish to you by email as well tomorrow

    Now here is the case, i mean just reading both sides of the story, it does look to me that the Coffee Bean person is the person who here is getting bullied by the building owners, and what was even surprising for me was that with every claim the coffee bean source said, he said he has evidence to back it up!  he did say that they will go to court however “The building owner is taking the advantage that the legal system is paralyzed until end of Feb Due to the elections of the parliament and soon the shouraa  ..therefore , they keep postponing our legal court cases” 

    Meanwhile i went over last night one more time to check on coffee bean and grab my late night tea from there, and this the images i saw, mind you the had to install an IRON roof, in order to take the water that is pouring on them somewhere else. and here are more pictures!

    now i wont be the judged eventhough some of you can sense the BIASED tone in my blog post… but i would let you look at the story above and you tell me what you think ! Again share this article and make the truth to be known behind the business practices that take place in the “new egypt”