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    www.TheGiftery.com and Casper & Gambini’s join forces to bring back The Gifted Chef second edition this Spring!

    For the second year, TheGiftery.com and Casper & Gambini’s are joining forces to organize the second round of the Gifted Chef Competition. After the smashing success of the first edition, the competition brings together again the talent of amateur chefs from Egypt who are passionate about showcasing their culinary skills.

    “We are enthusiastic about this second edition and very happy that it is gaining more exposure and interest as an event. We encourage all cooking lovers to participate”, said Sarah Aclimandos, Cofounder and CEO of TheGiftery.com.

    The exciting competition will be conducted over two stages. To enter, the contestants have to email their personal information along with a detailed recipe and a picture of it to thegiftedchef@thegiftery.com.  The five most creative recipes and photos posted will be shortlisted and given the opportunity to participate at the final event that will take place on Saturday, 25 May; an all day event featuring exceptional solos by Ahmed Harfoush, outstanding food and kids entertainment by My Gym and more…

    For the finale, the five finalists will get to cook their recipes live in front of a panel of judges, who will lead and oversee this final stage. The judge panel is comprised of Cairo’s most prominent figures in the Food & Beverage and Etiquette field including names such as International Restaurants Groups’ (IRG) Managing Director Mark Khalife, the renowned food critic David Blanks, Gourmet Egypt’s CEO Jalal Abu Ghazaleh and the recipe developer Sarah Khanna.

    “We received such great feedback from our first Gifted Chef competition that we’re confident the second time around will bring more participants and more creative recipes!” said Mark Khalife.

    During the fun outdoor event, the top two winning recipes will be awarded exceptional prizes sponsored by prominent home and culinary accessory brands, courtesy of TheGiftery.com and their recipes will be featured as ‘specials’ for one month in all Casper & Gambini’s outlets in Cairo; luckily no one will leave empty-handed, as guests will also receive funky gifts.

    The competition is open to any culinary lover in Egypt over the age of eighteen, who can show skill and talent in the presentation and preparation of their favorite recipe. Deadline for recipes is on 15th May and shortlisted applicants will be notified by the 16th of May.

    About TheGiftery.com

    TheGiftery.com offers the possibility to send top quality gifts to friends and relatives as well creating a personalized gift list for special occasions. From weddings to baby showers to house warmings, a person is be able to choose gifts from more than 90 of the biggest shops and brands in Egypt like Eklego, Tradeline, Table Royale, Fifth Avenue, Alex toys, Bose, Fauchon, hope flowers, Chocochocola, The Crib, Gourmet Egypt… and more

    TheGiftery.com offers personalized shopping services, multiple payment methods, gift suggestion services and same day door to door delivery anywhere in Egypt.

    Prices online are identical to the prices in stores, all items are insured and can be exchanged through TheGiftery.com or directly in store. For More information please visit www.TheGiftery.com

    About IRG

    International Restaurants Group (IRG) was founded in 2005 with the mission of acquiring and developing quality food and beverage concepts to the Egyptian market. After opening its first regional franchise, Casper & Gambini’s based out of Lebanon, IRG acquired its first global franchise wagamama, the award winning Asian noodle concept from the UK.

    Since then, IRG has continued serving up global cuisine to the Egyptian market with its own franchise brands. Zeitouna Lebanese Bistro, is the group’s first in house developed authentic Lebanese cuisine with a twist; the first of its kind in Cairo. IRG also manages Scoops, which serves up mouth-watering Italian Gelato and frozen yogurt.

    With 350 employees and no less than 20,000 customers a month, IRG guarantees creative quality cuisine, a great atmosphere and service with a smile. Visit www.irg-egypt.com for more details.